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For-profit businesses make a simple, direct ask for business, and now people expect that from nonprofits, too. They want to make a difference. Even if they can only give a small gift, they want to feel important and know that their gift matters.

7 Things Your Donor Wants Before She'll Give Again - Get Fully Funded

Tell them what it costs to help so they know exactly how their money will be used. They want to know the outcome. People are curious. When they give, they want to know what happened. Did you get the result you were shooting for with the program?

Ways to Ask for Donations

Did the person or animal in your story get a happy ending? By finishing the story in an update or a newsletter, you close the loop on the gift and the cycle of giving is complete. They want to be thanked and appreciated. Think about it: Have you ever gone out of your way to do something for someone, and then not been thanked? Get creative about acknowledging donors, especially those who give frequently and generously.

Donors want to feel good about their experience. Donors want to feel good about supporting your cause. No one wants to make a donation, then worry that they just wasted their money or chose an organization that sucks.

Wanted: English voice donors for blind school ‘talking books’

Donors who love your organization want to support you and see you be successful. Most of these donor needs are pretty easy to meet. You can give your donor what she needs through prompt response, good communication, and attention to the relationship. Your donors will notice. And so will you.

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I love this post. I hate be chased for money.


I hate not being sure the money I am giving is going to the right people, places or things. Keep me in the loop, I am after all a partner. She wants something else. You see, times have changed.

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All this means that nonprofits have to up their game. No longer can you skim by doing the same old thing.

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The bottom line: Donors want to feel good after giving to us. They want satisfaction from their giving experience. Share with them the story of the child you just fed or the dog you just saved.

I Wish I Hadn't Donated My Eggs

Tell the story with a lot of emotion and use photos and video whenever possible so the donor can feel it. The survey contained questions measuring demographics, education and motivation for blood donation. In addition, the survey included questions that measured Internet access, duration of online time and donors' demands for an Internet presentation of a blood transfusion service. Donors were asked to tick a box with predefined answers.

In cases where no options were applied, donors were requested to specify their answers. One hundred and fourteen prospective donors 71 female, 43 male with a median age of 25 years range years completed the survey. Most donors Forty-two The majority of donors were informed about blood donation from relatives or friends Most of them had Internet access Exclusive use of private access was more often reported in repeat donors