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Scofield and director Zinnemann both won Oscars for their work. Susannah York, right, co-starred. Carol Reed also took home the Oscar for best director. The movie established Jon Voight, right, as a star for his portrayal of a dumb, naive Texan who fancies himself a gigolo to rich women in New York but ends up a hustler. Fresh from "The Graduate," co-star Dustin Hoffman as con man Ratso Rizzo proved he was one of the top actors of his generation. Scott made Oscar history when he became the first actor to refuse the award.

George S. Patton Jr. The film, directed by Franklin J. Schaffner, reportedly was one of President Richard Nixon's favorite films. The two played con men in s Chicago in the George Roy Hill movie, which featured the music of ragtime composer Scott Joplin. Francis Ford Coppola received the best director award this time, and newcomer Robert De Niro won the best supporting actor Oscar playing Vito Corleone as a young man.

It won a fifth for best adapted screenplay. In this film of Ken Kesey's novel, Nicholson, second from left, struck a chord with audiences as McMurphy, a rebellious inmate in a mental institution who faces off against the ultimate authority figure, Nurse Ratched Fletcher. Like its hero, "Rocky" was an underdog, a low-budget film written by Stallone, then an unknown actor, that became one of the decade's biggest sleeper hits.

Stallone would go on to make five sequels. Allen won Oscars for best director and original screenplay with Marshall Brickman for the film. Cimino and Walken also won Oscars for best director and best supporting actor, respectively. Kramer' — Dustin Hoffman played a bewildered dad who had paid little attention to family life until his wife leaves him and he has to raise their son Justin Henry, right alone in "Kramer vs.

Both Hoffman best actor and Streep best supporting actress won Oscars for their roles, and Robert Benton took home direction and writing honors for the film. Donald Sutherland, left, was his helpless father, and Mary Tyler Moore surprised audiences with her portrayal as Hutton's icy, controlling mother. The theme music also hit No.

Beatty wasn't entirely shut out: He picked up the Oscar for best director. Ben Kingsley, here with Candice Bergen, played the inspiring leader who used nonviolent tactics to help establish the modern country of India. Among the films it beat for best picture: "E. The Extra-Terrestrial" and "Tootsie. Brooks' adaptation of Larry McMurtry's novel about an up-and-down mother-daughter relationship.

Brooks produced, directed and wrote the film and won Oscars for all three best picture goes to the producer ; to this day, he's the only person to pull off the trick solo. Murray Abraham, who played Salieri. Meryl Streep stars as the independent-minded Danish author who spent part of her married life in British East Africa, later Kenya.

She falls for a big-game hunter, played by Robert Redford, while her fragile marriage falls apart. It follows a small group of men, including leaders Willem Dafoe, pictured, and Tom Berenger, who play on the loyalties of raw recruit Charlie Sheen. The film made director and writer Oliver Stone, himself a Vietnam veteran, a household name. Besides best picture, it also won best director, best adapted screenplay and best cinematography, among others. Hopkins' performance had relatively little screen time -- less than 20 minutes -- but was so commanding he can be credited for the continuing fascination with Lecter, who now headlines an NBC series.

The actor and director plays Munny, a retired outlaw who is drawn back into his old role to avenge himself on a brutal sheriff Gene Hackman. That changed with "Schindler's List," a gripping story about a German industrialist who saved more than 1, Jews during the Holocaust. The film earned honors for picture, director, adapted screenplay and cinematography. The film won five Oscars, including best picture and best director, and has led to countless sports teams yelling "Freedom!

Others, such as an episode of "Seinfeld," mocked it as boring. Either way, "The English Patient," with Ralph Fiennes and Kristin Scott Thomas, was a huge hit with audiences and critics -- and with the academy, which bestowed nine Oscars on the film about a burned British soldier and a loving nurse. Among the winners: director Anthony Minghella and supporting actress Juliette Binoche. But director James Cameron had the last laugh: When the final results were tallied, "Titanic," with Leonardo DiCaprio and Kate Winslet, had become the biggest box-office hit of all time since surpassed by another Cameron film, "Avatar" and winner of 11 Oscars in -- the most of any film since 's "Ben-Hur.

Either way, there were gasps when best picture went to "Shakespeare" and not to favorite "Saving Private Ryan. It won seven Oscars total.

10 Biggest Oscar Upsets

Also immortalized: a plastic bag blowing in the breeze. The film took home five Oscars, including best actor for Crowe. The movie, which stars Renee Zellweger as a wily murderess in s Chicago, won six Oscars. The film won four Oscars, including a directing prize for Eastwood, best actress for Swank and best supporting actor for Freeman.

The film touches on issues of race and justice and stars -- among many others -- Thandie Newton and Matt Dillon. Javier Bardem received a best supporting actor award for his portrayal of the brutal enforcer Anton Chigurh, who carries around a lethal bolt gun and doesn't hesitate to use it. The sleeper film, about a poor Indian man Dev Patel, left whose success on "Who Wants to Be a Millionaire" is questioned by a suspicious detective, won eight Oscars. Ben Affleck, right, directed and starred. The story of Solomon Northup Ejiofor , a free African-American man who was kidnapped and sold into slavery, won three awards: best picture, best supporting actress Lupita Nyong'o and best adapted screenplay John Ridley.

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The film, about a onetime superhero actor making a comeback bid through a Broadway play, was filled with unusual touches: It was filmed as if all one shot, scored with a jazzy-drum soundtrack and shaded with magical realism. The "green book" refers to the guide that told black motorists which hotels would accept them. Photos later confirmed that Beatty and Dunaway were accidentally handed the envelop containing the winner for best actress in a leading role.

Stone told press she was confused because she had the card announcing her win with in her possession "the entire time. Two partners from PricewaterhouseCoopers PwC -- the accounting firm responsible for tabulating the results and keeping them confidential -- prepare two briefcases with the envelopes used by presenters. The pair stand backstage and hand envelopes to award presenters before they walk onstage.

It was a breakdown in the final stage of this process that led Dunaway to announce "La La Land" as the winner. Oscars 'La La Land' flub joins list of embarrassing award show errors. I'm done with it because this is true. And that was so gracious and so generous of them," he said. I don't know what to say. I'm still not sure this is real. Romanski said she hoped the movie's win was "inspiring to people, little black boys and brown girls, and other folks watching at home who feel marginalized.

She hoped they took "some inspiration from seeing this beautiful group of artists Stone was the first directly involved in the viral moment to address the press backstage. I was so excited for 'Moonlight," she said. Jenkins, meanwhile, said he was given no official explanation for what happened. And so he did. He came up stairs and he walked over to me he showed the card Jenkins thanked the "La La Land" team for being "so gracious" in the moment. It's wild. Photos: Academy Awards. The winner was initially announced as "La La Land" by presenter Faye Dunaway, but moments later it was revealed that there was a mistake and "Moonlight" had actually won.

Presenter Warren Beatty, seen behind Horowitz, told the crowd that he was given the wrong envelope. Casey Affleck won best actor for his role in "Manchester by the Sea.

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  2. It was 'Moonlight,' not 'La La Land': A timeline of a historic Oscars blunder.
  3. 85th Academy Awards.

Damien Chazelle became the youngest person ever to win a best director Oscar. The year-old won for "La La Land," which won six awards on the night. Ben Affleck, left, and Matt Damon present the Oscar for best original screenplay. That award went to Kenneth Lonergan for "Manchester by the Sea. Sara Bareilles sings during the "In Memoriam" tribute. John Legend performed "City of Stars" on stage. Javier Bardem kisses Meryl Streep's hand as they present an award. Producer Joanna Natasegara and director Orlando von Einsiedel accept the Oscar for best documentary short subject.

Seth Rogen, left, and Michael J. Fox were on stage together to present an award. Before that, Rogen paid homage to Fox and the '80s film "Back to the Future," which Rogen said inspired him. During the show, a tour group was brought into the Kodak Theater as a surprise. Some of the people on the tour interacted with actors near the front, including Denzel Washington. Comedian Jimmy Kimmel was hosting the show for the first time. Coates, casting director Lynn Stalmaster and filmmaker Frederick Wiseman.

That order, which temporarily suspended the admission of refugees and barred entry to the United States from Iran and six other Muslim-majority countries, was blocked by a federal judge earlier this month. Charlize Theron, left, and Shirley MacLaine walk on stage to present an award. Theron said MacLaine inspired her to get into acting. Viola Davis accepts the best supporting actress Oscar. Cravalho sings "How Far I'll Go," which was nominated for best original song. Henson and Octavia Spencer. Kate McKinnon and Jason Bateman present the awards for costume design as well as makeup and hairstyling.

The Artist has really given the industry a shake, proving that not everything has to be cutting edge to collect a prize. He adds: "As if it was ever in doubt. The Artist is a deserved winner tonight - a genuinely heartwarming movie. I'm off to bed now. Night all. It's The Artist. Hazanavicius says: "I'd like to say very, very important things. I'd like to say hi to my kids. It's six in the morning in Paris so you should go to bed in thirty seconds. He pays tribute to his wife, Bejo, saying: "You inspired the movie, you're the soul of the movie and the positive feeling of the movie.

Patrick Smith is backing Meryl Streep. Colin Firth plays tribute to Williams' skill and wisdom as a mentor. He aspired to be like her, he says. When they called my name I had this feeling half of America were going, 'Oh come on, her again'. She thanks her husband and Roy Helland, her stylist. My old friends, my new friends Despite it being Streep's third Oscar, no one seems bored of her winning just yet.

It was well deserved and further cements her as Hollywood's sweetheart. It's Jean Dujardin for The Artist. I love your country," he says, thanking the Academy. He adds Fairbanks inspired him for the role. He bounces around the stage with joy. Jean Dujardin wins Best Actor! Lots of excitement here in the viewing room - people actually leaping out of their seats with joy well not the women in their pretty dresses.

It certainly makes an interesting win - if Brad Pitt or George Clooney had won it would have been far too predictable making dull viewing. It is a fitting tribute to the dozens of entertainment industry professionals who died in the last 12 months, including Jane Russell, Whitney Houston, Elizabeth Taylor and Etta James.

What a fantastic night for Hugo. It has won five awards already and that's just for the technical categories. There are still six more nominations to go.

As it happened: Oscars - ABC News (Australian Broadcasting Corporation)

Fellow vintage film The Artist is close behind with two early Oscars for its 10 nominations. We're all on tenter hooks here in the viewing room to see which old-age film scoops best picture although most suspect it will be The Artist. Christopher Plummer is backstage. Confusion as a Canadian journalist asks a slightly unintelligible question. He appears to be asking Plummer if he thinks his Oscar is gay. Plummer is as perplexed as everyone else. The veteran actor, the oldest ever winner, says his win is a "renewal" for him. He adds: "I hope I can do it for ten more years at least.

I'm going to drop dead wherever I am, on the stage or on set. You don't retire in our profession thank God. The mini skirts, shows and acrobatics seem to have gone down well with the people watching the Oscars here. One person tells me it is great to see the Academy finally stop pandering to get the youth vote and get down to what it does best — good old-fashioned show business.

Sometimes life is wonderful, and today is one of those days. Patrick says: What an unmitigated delight The Artist is: a charming and irresistible paean to the origins of cinema. For me, it's far superior to Scorsese's Hugo. Their introduction is laced with sexual innuendo. Woody Allen was not there to pick up the award; "The academy accepts this award on his behalf," smiles Angelina Jolie.

Allen is the most-nominated screenwriter of all time and this is his fourth Oscar. Fans get a glimpse of celebrity arrivals. It is the second award for Payne, who won the same award in for Sideways. Bource had no formal musical training, and learnt to play the acordian "Please accept me I have so much love to give to you," he says. Busy Philipps and Michelle Williams take a photo during the ceremony.

Backstage the makers of Undefeated are bombarded with questions about the f-bomb. The perpetrator says: "I'd like to apologise. I don't think it was the classiest thing in the world. That said it did come from the heart. It was completely spontaneous and unexpected. It goes to Christopher Plummer.

It makes him the oldest-ever Oscar winner, at 82, for 'Beginners'. In it he plays a gay man who comes out after his wife dies. Patrick Smith says the gong is well-deserved by the "wonderfully talented actor". Being proud to be nominated alongside Jonah Hill seems a little bit like polite overstatement, but even so: Christopher Plummer's win was hugely deserved, his speech majestic and touching. They said of their "inspirations" in the audience:. There was a tumbleweed moment when one of the winners of best documentary for The Undefeated dropped an f-bomb.

There's always one. The Academy really doesn't like it though they seem to have forgiven Melissa Leo of The Fighter who did it before and is presenting an award this time. Stripping wood is hard work. I've done animation. It's the easiest job in the world. The Oscar goes to Rango - starring Jonny Depp. Gwyneth Paltrow pretending to ad lib for lame Robert Downey Jr sketch? For once in my life I feel sorry for Chris Martin.

Undefeated Wins Documentary Feature: 2012 Oscars

The circus gymnasts have taken on an old-school cinema theme, performing aimpressive backflips in bell-boy outfits, cocktail dresses and tuxedos. A woman eats popcorn stood, one-footed, on a man's head. Top stuff. A film replete with sounds of all varieties, it seems. We are being treated to pre-recorded comedic routines in between the prizes. One features a s-style focus group reviewing films.

Damian McBride, Gordon Brown's shamed former press officer, tweets:. That Wizard of Oz focus group skit was dismal. Why couldn't they give us 5 minutes of Tina Fey instead? Total fail by oscar to have Tina fey on stage so long and not let her crack a single joke.

Totally over-managed. Last year they won for The Social network. First big surprise of the night. She is helped up the steps to the stage in a tremendous flowing gown. The audience are on their feet. She thanks her family and the state of Alabama. She can't get the words out.

She's delivering it in "Chinese" for the 1.

Jennifer Lawrence's fall

The gong goes to A Separation - it's the first Oscar to go to a film from Iran, we learn. Asghar Farhadi, the director says it is a triumph for "a culture that has been hidden under the heavy dust of politics. Still from A Separation. A Separation, the deserving victor of Best Foreign Film, is probably the best film that'll win anything all night. A Separation is a worthy winner of Foreign Language Film. Set in modern-day Iran, it's a powerful and tense piece of film-making.

Excellent performances, too. It's Brit Mark Coulier for the Iron lady. He turned Meryl Streep into an aged Margaret Thatcher with the use of a lot of prosthetics. It's Mark Bridges of The Artist. It is a life-long dream come true. Mark Bridges wins the costume Oscar. It was like the seas parting.

Academy Awards

The red carpet was cleared, the final calls for people to take their seats were being made and the stragglers were shovelled off into the theatre. Then from a flurry of activity and a flash of cameras, Hollywood royalty Brad Pitt and Angelina Jolie emerged. Angelina Jolie kept within the theme of old-fashioned Hollywood glam with a stunning velvet black dress cut the the thigh.

She upset a few of the photographers by failing to stop for them and seemed irritated as they shouted for her to come back. Brad Pitt was typically casual strolling down the red carpet with his hand in his pocket.

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Oscars is a safe house. Sweetie pie comedian Billy Crystal comes back for a ninth time as hosthe's no Ricky Gervais! And what better way to set the show's nonthreatening tone than having Tom Hanks as the very first presenter. Has there been an Oscars show in recent history when Tom wasn't a presenter? We are now watching a montage of golden cinema moments - "Use the force! Oh dear. The HUGO art direction prize was rather more of a no-brainer. He is presenting the gong for best cinematography. Billy Crystal is hosting. Morgan Freeman makes the opening address. Controversially, the running order has been leaked.

It can't be verified, but the blogger, Yair Raveh, is pretty reliable. And, oddly, Justin Bieber. He's now doing a little musical number. Looking smart in white-tie. It's great to have Billy Crystal back - he's previously presented the Oscars eight times. Within the first few minutes, he's already made me chuckle more times than last year's hosts James Franco and Anne Hathaway, who were staggeringly bland. Gary Oldman jumped the ropes to go talk to fans who are kept at arms length. George Clooney followed suit which sent security men scrambling wildly.

I don't think they needed to worry, people here really like George Clooney. There seems to be a protocol as to who arrives last. Security is presidential in scale. There are security men every 3ft on the carpet. One I'm looking at is less than intimidating though. He's wearing trainers with pin laces. It's a thoughtful process. They are amazing. Nick Allen sends this snap from the press bench. Wow, it's already such a stimulating evening for the Oscars fan. Jennifer Lopez tells us that Oscar night is so special because "we work so hard in film to make great films".

But surely she's not including herself in that "we"? Jennifer is followed by Nick Nolte on the red carpet who doesn't really seem to be all there. He repeats every question the presenter asks him but she finally drags out of him that he's owned two pet crows. Sizzlin' hot insider H'wood stuff, y'all! Here's a fabulous graphic on our critics' predictions for who will take the coveted statuettes.

Oscars: Ranking the Last 13 Academy Awards Hosts

Someone is now hoovering up the white powder Sacha Baron Cohen threw on the red carpet in defiance of the Oscars 'ban'. Curious, that they had someone with a hoover on hand waiting in the sidelines They will probably be the last to arrive just before they make the final announcements to enter the theatre. There are two records that are likely to be broken tonight. Much as everyone's selling The Artist's probable Best Picture win as a victory for the Hollywood in-crowd, shepherded by Harvey Weinstein's well-oiled publicity machine, it would actually be the first winner ever from a non-English-speaking country.

He's gone for it. Sacha Baron Cohen has arrived dressed as "The Dictator". He is accompanied by two women in khakii miniskirts, which are apparently standard issue for the Republic of Wadiya military. Cohen started sprinkling some kind of powder on the red carpet but was stopped by a burly security man.

It turns out it was the 'ashes of Kim Jong Il' - Ryan Seacrest, who gets a dusting, takes it in good humour. The Academy said they won't let him in if he did pull this stunt so we'll see what happens. Incredible promotion for his film though which is out in May. Let's hope it's better than Bruno. Now Meryl's only real option is to come as Maggie.

With Denis in an urn under her arm. He has gone to get changed, Patrick Smith has learnt. Wendi Murdoch has crashed into the worst-dressed list with a jewel-encrusted dress which acts like a silky curtain to reveal her, erm, prized assets - sort of as if her chest were a set of crown jewels. The red carpet is now in full swing, and we are seeing a lot of old hollywood glamour.