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Hmmmm I wonder if Flex or Tallman should start first Quote from: socafighter on September 03, , PM. Quote from: vb on September 03, , PM. Soca, it cold in Canada? Education is our passport for the future for the future belongs to those who prepare for it today. Red, White and Blacklisted. Reminds me of the purity tests we used to do in college. To say it went viral would be a major understatement. The list took on a life of its own, garnering more than comments, hundreds of thousands of shares and views, and syndication galore.

The truth is even I, the author of the piece, have not tried all Has anyone really? It's an extensive list and not one that's easy to get through, especially if you've committed to marriage and monogamy early in life. So instead of saying we MUST do these things, let's say instead that we should be open to the possibilities. Is this a checklist that you have to complete in order to die happy?

Probably not. But it's certainly fun to try! Look at it as a way for you and whomever your partner may be -- spouse, boyfriend, stranger -- to open your minds and expand your repertoire. We give you the ultimate sexual bucket list of 75 sex acts to try before you die Sending naked photos to each another Talking really dirty Sex while someone is watching Teasing your partner to the point of orgasm, over and over Really loud sex Sex in a favorite position Sex in a new position Orgasming at the same time Sex with deep emotion and love Spending all day naked Not sleeping all night Sex on the floor Sex while no one else knows you are doing it Trying the 69 position Sex with a condom Sex without a condom Oral sex with mints Sex in the back of a movie theater Sex with someone you're angry at Masturbating during sex Having sexy nicknames with your partner Using a dildo and your man -- at the same time Feeding someone sexually Sex in a chair Sex with constant eye contact How many of these have you tried?

How many do you want to? Some comments from readers of this column All that only involve one person. Am I a slut?

Diplo x CL x RiFF RAFF x OG Maco - Doctor Pepper (Official Music Video)

Do I care if catty, miserable bitches call me a slut? So bring it on. Nonmember comment from skyinnc July 24 at AM Done many of these.

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A few left to go. And his songs are stories- lyrics are the focus of The End of History and each One of Indie rock's rising stars, Ferraby Lionheart, is out with his new full length eleven song album Catch the Brass Ring and is playing Hotel Cafe tomorrow night. Before we go see this folksy pop singer songwriter, LAist interviewed Ferraby about his name, his love for Judy Garland, and where he hangs out in LA.

Ok, so is your real name Ferraby Lionheart? If not, how did your come up with it? Its sounds There probably is not any other person in the world rooting for a Corey comeback as much as myself and this new series was what I believed to be just the beginning. I must admit with Division Day, the indie pop band hailing from Santa Cruz and formed in , is out with their debut full length album, Beartrap Island, a combination of echoey sounds, exciting drums, and catchy choruses.

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Originally from northern California the band makes its home in Los Angeles now, more specifically Eagle Rock's "rock block" - the neighborhood known for its numerous recording studios and rehearsal spaces. Known for their relentless touring and somewhat mischevious behavior Not only is Feel his 7th album to date, he just recently wrote and composed, but not performed the entire soundtrack to Ethan Hawke's film The Hottest State.

While the soundtrack for the film has Harris performing just two of the songs and the likes of Willie Nelson, Emmylou Harris, M. Ward, Norah Jones and Cat Power taking hold of Remember being young and in total desperate I'm going to die without you love? That exact and exquisite pain is what The Hottest State, Ethan Hawke's film based on his first novel out in the 's is all about. Hawke produced and directed the film that meanders its way through present day, 's flashbacks, music sequences, and hot sex scenes through the eyes of William Harding, a sensitive and emotional twenty-one year old actor trying Usher runs back to his estranged Mama's arms after a last minute cancelation of his wedding to Tameka Foster - PerezHilton Paris Hilton's inheritance is no more.

Her billionare grandfather is mortified by her jail time and bad behavior and won't give her a dime - Metro In other Paris news, her reality show "The Simple Life" in which she stars with fellow jailbird Nicole Richie has been axed - The Insider Jimmy Fallon has Movies like Once, happen A Sundance darling, Once is a unique love story set in Ireland.

The film is a departure from the regular summer blockbusters and yes, it is a musical- thats right, a musical, but not the break out into song with jazz hands type musicals we're used to. If there were to be a mellow indie rock musical where the songs fit into the story New rumors that the pop princess turned trainwreck is pregnant for a third time and is Britney Spears made an impromtu visit to the beach in her lingerie - Daily Mail In other Britney news she's filming a new video, the first in two years according to one of her back up dancers myspace pages - Extra TV And in even more Britney news, she wants to take your order- the pop princess is trying to land a gig as a cocktail waitress at Hollywood hot spot Le Deux Last night, alt-country hero Ryan Adams and his backing band, The Cardinals, played his only Los Angeles show on his tour for his 9th album, Easy Tiger, at the Wilshire Theater to a sold out audience.

Adams is known for his lengthy sets and last night was no exception, playing for over two hours both old and new songs mostly new - all very well done. The Cardinals, his favorite back up band and It's summer in Los Angeles and everyone knows that means heat, rising temps, dryness, wind and dust, which of course results in dirty cars. It happens. You know what else happens? As the heat rises, my patience lowers, especially when I come out of my house to do an errand and see that some jerkface went out of their way to write "Wash Me" on the back of my car- yes, my dirty car.

Happy 36th Birthday Corey Feldman! It seems like only yesterday that you were impersonating Michael Jackson and snorting your way through Hollywood. Lets not forget your underrated talent as the snarky know it all in Goonies, the old man trapped in a 16 year old's body in Dream a Little Dream and a teen vampire in Lost Boys. And within just a couple weeks you will have something else to celebrate- the premiere of Dear Mr. President, Since its your big 61st birthday today, and it seems as though things don't seem to be going so well for you, we thought we'd post a video from the good old days.

Back when you were drinking and partying, back before people had to salute you, and before you had to think so hard about stuff. For the remainder of your term, we suggest you should start drinking again- you're England's most goulish export, The Horrors, came out with their new album Strange House in March , and its hard, raw, and a bit scary, at least to this emo loving princess. Formed over five years ago, when Rys Webb, Faris Badwan, and Tomethy Furse met on the Southend circuit sharing their love of 60's garage band rock, The Horrors are unique to say the least.

With heavy drums by Coffin Joe Joe Spurgeon , eerie Eva Longoria begins her bachelorette weekend in St. Tropez - Daily Mail "Crazy Cabbie" gets fired from the Howard Stern show last week for claiming that he possessed a copy of a Stern sex tape - TMZ Grey's Anatomy spin off having some internal trouble already - PerezHilton Liz Hurley has her son pose in a pink bikini, for her new line of clothing for kids.

Inappropriate much? Fine, maybe I went because Brad Pitt was listed as one of the producers and I thought he and Angie might show, which they didn't, but it was still worth the trafficky drive up the freeway to where the screening and a panel discussion were scheduled Fashion designer Liz Claiborne died Tuesday after a long battle with cancer. Claiborne was a mainstay in the fashion industry and built her empire around women breaking into the workforce in the 70's and 80's- think Melanie Griffith in Working Girl. Many of us who had working moms remember the Liz Claiborne powersuits remember the huge shoulder pads?

Britney Spears gets way philosophical Ouch - Daily News Prince William off the market Reports say he's back with ex-gal pal Kate Middleton - People Paris Despite his recent slash amazing drunken video release, David Hasselhoff was granted sole custoday of his two teenage daughters - CBC Skating with Celebrities star Kristy Swanson pulls a Tanya Harding and was arrested for assaulting her boyfriend and former skating partner's ex- wife - People Angelina Jolie and the kids take a fathers day shopping trip - She also speaks about potentially repairing her estranged relationship with her own father Jon Voight - Just Being a late arrival to the Menomena party and not knowing much about the trio from Portland before attending their sold out show at the Troubadour last night, except of course what LAist covered about them, I decided to bring my trusted BFF Russell Mills along to school me on their digital looping musical stylings.

After a brief scare at the door, when some forgotten "paraphernalia" in my bag which they searched almost didn't So Paris has officially been on lockdown for two days now, twenty-one to go. Arriving at the Lynwood detention center she was sentenced to, at pm on Sunday night, sources say she was "quiet" as she went through her medical screening that did NOT include the regulatory cavity search. She then changed into her orange jumpsuit and was escorted to her cell where as of now she has no cellmate, but there could be Summer is officially less than three weeks away but Little Radio a web station and CD manufacturer has already started its second annual Summer Camp June 3rd- August10th where every Sunday of the season Bands, Beer, and Booze along with food provided by Hot Knives will be the main event.

Located at Long Beach Avenue in downtown Los Angeles, this parking lot covered in astro turf, hot hipsters, and water games will be Albert Hammond Jr. LAist caught up with him and got the skinny on his girlfriend's breathing, his dad's penis and his love for bagels and lox How did Yours To Keep come about? How long has this been in the works or in your mind? Well I've been writing songs since I started Today is the day folks!

Paris Hilton goes to jail, and word on the street is her fellow inmates are eagerly awaiting her arrival - Associated Press In other Paris news, her record label is being sued for ripping off the UB40 song Kingston Town for her recent single Stars are Blind - Daily Mail Victoria Beckham, aka Posh Spice, has pulled out of her NBC slated reality show that would follow her and Memorial Day Weekend wasn't just all about Lindsay's crash and arrest, there were other celeb items in the news One of, if not the most beautiful baby in the world, Shiloh Jolie-Pitt turned one this weekend in Prague alongside the rest of the Jolie-Pitt litter - Celebitchy Looks like its the official end of the unlikely match of John Mayer and Jessica Simpson as these photos from Cabo reveal - Flynetonline Nicole Ritchie looking Every year I promise myself that when my tax return arrives in the mail, I'm going to treat myself to a massage and facial, yet somehow that money disappears somewhere around the Beverly Center, The Grove and various happy hour deals.

My facial was scheduled for a In what seems like a sad Ashlee Simpson-esque flashback, poor Britney had some technical difficulties at her most recent "comeback" gig last night at the House of Blues in Orlando.

football or foursome Manual

No, no, her new wig which was long and blond by the way didn't fly off. According to People, when the cd or record she was lip syncing "Do Something" to began to skip, she was forced to improvise, which in this case meant With all the hoopla about the Griffith Park fire, we've lost sight of our priorities people, so here we are to catch you up on what celebs have been up to this week Spurred on by their daughters recent illness, Johnny Depp and long-time girfriend Vanessa Paradis make it official and tie the knot - Daily Mail After getting sentenced to 45 days in jail for numerous traffic violations, Paris Hilton gets back behind the When my best friend Becky called me two weeks ago and asked if I wanted to go with her and our friend Bethany to the 20th anniversary screening of Dirty Dancing I almost hung up the phone on her.

Becky's known me since we were nine and I couldn't believe she even had to ask. Of course I want to go. How did I not know about this before? There we were, on a Lots of Britney news this week folks Britney hits the stage again for the first time in three years, for fourteen minutes of pure lip synching bliss - People See the vids for yourself - Hollywoodtuna Maybe Brit Brit planned her comeback while lounging poolside and taking topless photos in early April - Splash Rehab shmehab, Lindsay gets her drink on this week - I dont like you in that way Speaking of underage drinking, Starting this Thursday May 3rd, our little bohemian neighborhood that could, Silver Lake, will be holding its nine day long, 7th annual Silver Lake Film Festival, complete with indie movies, indie music, and even indie darling Parker Posey accepting the "Spirit of Silver Lake" award.

Right in the shadow of the bright lights, doctored scripts and smarmy agents of Hollywood, SLFF, dares the big studios to F with them. For all you road weary travelers back from Coachella, heres the juice you missed this weekend Scientologists unite! Fellow Hubbard follower Jenna Elfman defends Tom and Katie's marriage - People Britney gets pulled over for speeding, gets off with a warning - X 17 She also shows us her undies again - Seriously?!

And in the last and best piece of Britney news, rumor has it she's going to pen a tell-all book Some call it a "responsible choice", we here just call it chicken. Apparently not only is Jared Leto a wannabe rocker, but he is also a wannabe lover - according to Penthouse gal Krista Ayne pictured, right , Leto's skills are lacking, and he's too busy with his makeup to call a girl back - Page Six India attacks Richard Gere! Desiring An Older Man. Untouched Coeds Volume 3. Summer Explosion Volume 1.

First Time Cherry Brat. Wet And Tight Volume 1. Role Play For an Older Man. Unprotected New Older Man.

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All American Brats Volume 3. Perfect Mistake. Secret Brat Confession. Public Pleasing An Older Man. Super Hard Older Man Hero. Legal Enough Volume 1. Asking For It Brat. Perfect Crush. Her Filthy Neighbor Series Bundle.

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