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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Does a waiter perform a blue-collar or physical work? Thread starter wolfbm1 Start date Oct 31, Duties of a waiter include: "4 Take orders from patrons for food or beverages. I'm not sure if the term blue-collar is correct, because waiters can wear white shirts. Waiters tend to wear white collars in posh restaurants, and generally I associate the term "blue collar" with manufacturing and warehousing, not with customer service industries or customer-facing retail.

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Last edited: Oct 31, Introduce all restaurant employees, describe each role and foster good interaction between staff members. Instruct the trainee on proper sanitation and safety guidelines as well as security. Provide information regarding policies and procedures and an employee manual if available.

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Teach the waiter trainee to anticipate guest needs. Tell them to honor reasonable customer requests and the importance of immediate follow-up on inquiries or complaints.

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Inform the waiter trainee of up-selling techniques that can increase sales for the restaurant, which in turn can boost server tips. Make sure they know to treat customers with respect, interact in a pleasant manner and be gracious at the close of the dinner while encouraging guests to visit again.

Administer a written test after training to guarantee waiter knowledge of food ingredients, accompaniments, preparation and origin and drinks which can include wine and liquor details. Evaluate the skill level of proper service by having the server wait on members of management before employment is finalized. Require waiters to attend the pre-shift meeting to learn about menu specials, discuss topics at-hand or receive any general restaurant information that management presents.

Tell them not to hesitate in asking for or offering assistance during the shift, as all employees should support one another to provide the utmost service for guests. Share the hourly wage with the new hire, inform them of pay periods and how to properly report tips. Communicate with staff about professional waiter seminars and restaurant courses. Local restaurants and wineries may host tasting sessions periodically, and cooking schools may provide relative coursework.

Encourage staff to gain restaurant, food and drink knowledge.

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Industry magazines can be found online and in libraries. Bringing additional information to the job increases employee value and provides personal enrichment. Provide trainees the opportunity to ask questions regarding the server role, restaurant operations and customer service. Aside from proper training and supportive resources, experience will be the greatest teacher in successfully serving guests. A waiter should have a genuine desire to cater to others and possess a pleasant demeanor, as the role can be physically demanding and unappreciated at times.

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Dawn Fenske began freelance writing in with contributions to various websites. She holds a Bachelor of Science in business administration from Lake Erie College with a concentration in marketing and communications. Fenske has previous corporate experience generating various business promotional materials and has additional knowledge within the restaurant industry. Training for Restaurant Waiters Dawn Fenske. Food Preparation