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To make these muscles supple. When working with these postures, it is important that you bend from the hips and not from the thoracic spine. Tension in the lower part of the body can make this difficult, but the position of the body before and during a posture is more important than how far you are able to extend into the posture. When working with Padangusthasana, make sure that the weight of your body is distributed equally on the front of both feet. This will help to keep your hips in line with your ankles. When you have extended as far into the posture as is possible for you, breathe normally and bring your concentration into your Sacral chakra.

With each inhalation, visualize a ray of orange light coming through your feet and into the chakra to strengthen and vivify it. Work with this visualization for as long as you are able to maintain the posture. Then inhale and return to either a standing or sitting posture. Benefits This posture eases constipation and indigestion, increases suppleness of the back muscles and stimulates the spinal nerves.

It can help sexual ailments and increase blood supply to the brain. If you are unable to touch the floor with your right knee, support it with a cushion. If you cannot reach your foot, place a belt around it and hold either end. Repeat on your left side by bending your left knee. If you are unable to touch your feet, work with a belt as described in the previous exercise. Hold this posture whilst working with your visualization exercise. When you are ready, inhale and come back to the sitting posture. Benefits This posture may help with weight loss in the abdominal region.

It tones the abdominal organs and activates the kidneys, liver, pancreas and adrenal glands. Many ancient cultures were aware of the power of the breath and utilized it to raise their level of consciousness and to heal. The ancient Greeks believed the diaphragm to be the seat of the soul, and many mystics believed that specific forms of breathing led one to experience the true self.

The way we breathe determines our mental and physical well-being. When nervous, our breathing becomes shallow and agitated, depriving us of oxygen and prana. Starting to work with breathing exercises may cause physical changes, increase sensitivity and make you more receptive to the energy fields surrounding you. Initially, it may be difficult to remain focused on the breath, but this will improve with practice.

The yoga complete breath below is the next step on from the rhythmic breath. Bring your concentration to your breath and take a few slow inhalations and exhalations to calm your mind and relax your body. Breathe out fully, contracting your abdominal muscles to rid the lungs of as much air as possible. Slowly breathe in to a count of seven, allowing your abdomen to relax and swell out to make room for your descending diaphragm. Sense your lungs filling from the very bottom to the top with air.

Hold your breath in for a count of two. Exhale slowly to a count of seven, expelling the air in your lungs and finally contracting the muscles of your abdomen again to expel as much stale air as possible. Hold out for a count of two before starting your next inhalation. When you become familiar with this technique, try to take notice of the effect that it has on your Sacral chakra and your abdominal muscles. Sitting quietly, start with a few rounds of the yoga complete breath opposite. When you are ready, inhale fully, then, on a slow exhalation,. If possible intone this on D above middle C.

This is one tone higher than the note used for the Base chakra. Make your intonation soft and gentle and try to feel where in your body it is resonating. Experiment with the pitch until you feel the vibration in and around your abdomen. Now bring your concentration to your Sacral chakra and project the sound there. Sense the vibration of sound bringing this centre into balance. Initially, you should practise this technique for approximately five minutes, but this time can be extended as you become more proficient.

Continue with this sound for a further two to three minutes, then take note of which of these two sounds had the greatest effect. It is advisable to work with both sounds for a few weeks, alternating them with each practice session. If you then find that one sound works better for you, concentrate on that. Each chakra is unique and therefore you need to experiment to find both the sound and the pitch that works best for you. Sitting comfortably in your chosen place, position the yantra diagram below where you can easily see it.

Begin by fixing your gaze on the blue circle. The circle symbolizes protection and blue is the colour of peace and relaxation. The crescent moon represents the water element, which constitutes two-thirds of our body weight. Water is linked with the emotions, sensuality, attachments, and our reaction to both pain. This movement links to the emotions, the water element and the moon. Centuries of religious indoctrination, coupled with the oppression of women, have caused this centre to malfunction in many women. Working on a regular basis with the exercises in this section of the book will help to release these blockages.

But first you need to have established the solid foundation offered by the Base chakra, to avoid risking the loss of your sense of equilibrium. Shifting your gaze towards the centre of the circle, concentrate on the crescent moon, which symbolizes water. Water has no shape or form of its own, but will take on the shape of the container into which it is put.

It is free-flowing unless obstructed.

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If obstructed, the build-up of pressure will eventually destroy the obstruction to allow the water to again flow freely. If we relate this to ourselves, the obstruction represents our repressed emotions and these will restrict our natural flow of energy. This leads to an accumulation of tension, which, if not dealt with, can manifest itself as a physical or nervous disease which could eventually break the physical body.

One way of releasing this tension is by allowing ourselves to cry. When water is allowed to flow freely it is in a constant state of change. Blockages in the Sacral centre are frequently caused by hanging on to old ideas, old concepts, and to conditioning that we should have discarded long ago. The breakdown of our daily routine and the life patterns we have formed causes fear and insecurity. This fear adversely affects the adrenal glands the endocrine glands associated with this chakra , by stimulating them into producing an excess of adrenaline. As you consider Svadhisthana yantra, take a long, hard look at yourself.

Identify and consider the factors in your life that are preventing your spiritual growth. These factors may be connected to relationships, home life, career, or ideas that you have been brought up to accept but which no longer resonate to your present state of awareness. Examining and accepting your sexuality is also an important part of the process, although it may be difficult to talk about openly. As you contemplate this yantra, look deeply into yourself to find the blockages that are inhibiting you from flowing into a new state of awareness.

If there is fear in your life, you must try to face it in order to overcome it. Fear is our greatest enemy. It shrouds us in a web of darkness, preventing the light of truth and understanding from reaching our innermost selves. When working with yourself, exercising self-honesty is crucial. Deceiving yourself into believing that you have no problems or fears is running away from life and the joy of freedom. To end this exercise, work with the rhythmic breath for five to ten minutes, and consider any issues that have been revealed and how you may work on them.

Sometimes seeking the help of a therapist is of value when trying to resolve personal issues. It is connected to the element of fire and the sense of sight, and is ruled by the sun. The creation of this inner flame of fire provides us with the energy needed to maintain life.

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When this inner flame is properly regulated through a balanced and nutritious diet, we remain healthy and maintain consistent energy levels, but if it is improperly regulated our energy becomes depleted and we can become susceptible to ill health. Manipura chakra is linked with the ego and the emotional or astral body. It therefore reacts to thoughts concerning worry, anxiety and fear. In most people this chakra is constantly becoming imbalanced through their emotional turmoil and materialism. Through this chakra we are able to feel the thoughts and emotions of other people, and those lacking in energy can consciously or unconsciously withdraw energy through this centre from those people they are in contact with.

It is therefore vital for psychics and those involved in any aspect of healing to protect their Solar Plexus chakra. This chakra is depicted as a circle with ten yellow petals inscribed with the Sanskrit letters da, dha, na, ta, tha, da, dha, na, pa and pha, representing spiritual ignorance, thirst, jealousy, treachery, shame, fear, disgust, delusion and sadness.

Inside the circle the red triangle with a swastika mark on each side, symbolizes the fire element. The swastika is one of the oldest and most complex of symbols. In oriental medicine the Hara is seen as the root and origin of ki, or vital energy, and of the entire meridian system, which distributes ki around the body.

It is here that digestion takes place to provide the body with heat and energy. In oriental medicine the relationship between good health and a strong Hara is generally accepted. This is our centre of power, stemming from the belief that all the major.

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This is where we experience fear, making us withdraw from life. To break this cycle of fear and withdrawal, we must learn to love every aspect of ourselves. This involves forgiving yourself for past mistakes and allowing time for the things you enjoy. If you have not worked with your own passions and pleasures and are not grounded traits of the two lower chakras , it is difficult to awaken this chakra.

Rudra opposite is the Vedic god of storms and has a curious mixture of terrible and beneficent qualities. He is both the prince of demons and the formidable archer whose arrows dispatched men and beasts to the spirit world. He is also the divine physician and the lord of cattle who brought the healing rain. Many of his attributes were later given to Shiva, particularly in his form as destroyer. In this chakra, Rudra is often seen sitting on the bull Nandi, the vehicle of Shiva, but also attributed to Agni.

Rudra is depicted with three eyes and his hands are forming mudras, the language of symbolic hand gestures and movements for granting boons and dispelling fear. Rudra is often of a red hue, but here he is depicted looking old and white from the ashes that cover him. The ashes serve to remind us of our need to transform through the fire of purification any fear and egoism that we have centred here, so that our renewed energies can rise to the Heart chakra.

We are also invited to contemplate the reality of death, the portal through which all of us must pass when our eternal self returns to the spiritual world and our physical body to the dust and ashes from which it was formed. Another form of death, which we need to think about when working with this chakra, is dying to our physical self. That is, learning to put the material and physical aspects of our lives below our spiritual and emotional needs.

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  8. This is important if we are to recognize our eternal self,. This is the ultimate aim of chakra work, yoga and all the great religions of the world. She is depicted with three heads, each bearing three eyes, and four arms. Her three heads invite us to become aware of the physical, the astral and the celestial planes. In one of her hands she holds the thunderbolt, symbolic of the electrical energy of fire and the physical heat that is said to radiate from her body; another holds the sakti, the weapon of fire.

    Her other two hands form the hand movements or mudras for allaying fears and granting blessings. Traditionally believed to be fond of meat, her breast is red with the blood and fat that drops from her mouth. VAHINI Vahini, the nature god, is also often shown inside the triangle of Manipura chakra as shining red and riding on the back of a ram. Vahini has four arms in which he holds a rosary and a spear and shows the gesture of granting boons and dispelling fear. The ram is connected to the sacred fire and Agni. Parts of the body influenced by this chakra are the skin, digestive organs, stomach, duodenum, pancreas, liver, and the endocrine glands, the Islets of Langerhans, which are responsible for the production of insulin within the pancreas.

    The opposing forces of this chakra are power and weakness. The following exercises will help to familiarize you with this chakra and its energies. You will also enjoy physical activity, good food and show emotional warmth. You may experience fear when alone and poor digestion. On the physical body, this chakra is situated just above the navel at the location of the epigastric plexus. This will help to quieten your mind and relax your body.

    Let the vital light of the sun energize and nourish you. Focusing on the Solar Plexus, contemplate the spiritual aspect of the light centred there. The sun symbolizes the supreme cosmic power in each of us, which we are trying to connect with through chakra work. Eventually we become one with that cosmic power in the state of enlightenment.

    Imagine a golden ball of sunlight filling your Solar Plexus and envisage its shafts of light infusing and energizing your whole body. If any part of you is in pain, allow the golden healing light to penetrate there. To end this visualization contemplate your aim in making this spiritual journey and how you now feel.

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    Awakening manipura on the hands and feet Starting with either your right foot or hand, place any finger or your thumb on the chakra point. Exerting a medium amount of pressure, slowly rotate your finger on this point, moving in a clockwise direction, for approximately thirty seconds. Still exerting pressure, but without movement, visualize the deep yellow displayed in the outer petals of a daffodil illuminating and flowing through your finger and into the chakra point for one to two minutes.

    Then repeat on the other foot or hand. On the feet, Manipura is found on the cuneiform bone, just where it meets with the navicular bone. Kindling a fire is equated with birth and resurrection, and torch-bearing at weddings and fertility rites denotes the generative power of fire. In Hinduism, fire is symbolic of transcendental light and knowledge and is identified with the forces of destruction, release and re-creation wielded by the god Shiva.

    The ring of flame sometimes shown surrounding Shiva depicts the cosmic cycle of creation and destruction. The Hindu god of fire, Agni, is both the rain bringing the energy of lightning and the domestic fire. The flames are represented by his golden teeth, sharp tongue and dishevelled hair and he is portrayed riding the solar ram and holding an axe, fan and bellows. The horrific aspect of fire is symbolized by Kali, who is usually shown as a fearful black or red figure with long canine teeth and tongues of flame coming from her mouth.

    Exercise Imagine yourself sitting in front of a log fire in a wood, on a clear, moonlit night. Immersed in a mantle of silence, the peace is broken only by the crackling noise of the wood as it surrenders itself to be transformed into light and heat by tongues of fire. As the fire sheds light on the surrounding trees, their ghost-like images appear, dancing and changing shape in harmony with the dancing flames. Fire has the ability to transform and create space for new things to enter your life. To complete your spiritual journey, you must walk.

    Start by examining your feelings. Where you find any negativity, hurt, pain, anger or old attachments, imagine yourself writing it down on a sheet of paper. Next, list all your negative thoughts and old thought patterns based on conditioning. Lastly, examine your physical activities, such as your job and the place where you live, and consider any changes that need to be made.

    When you have completed this, read your imaginary list, checking for anything you may have forgotten or are hesitant to relinquish. When you are satisfied that what you have written is a true picture of yourself, throw the paper on to the fire, to burn away all the junk cluttering your life. If you have access to a living fire, physically write your list and watch it burn.

    Yellow rays carry positive, magnetic currents that are both inspiring and stimulating. These strengthen the nerves and stimulate higher mentality, making yellow a good colour to have in an office or study. On a physical level, yellow can improve the texture of the skin and it can help to heal scar tissue and other skin disorders such as eczema. The reason for this is that yellow food absorbs light from all colours of the spectrum except yellow, which it reflects. Therefore, to work with the yellow of the Manipura chakra, you need to eat foods with a violet skin because these foods have absorbed yellow light.

    As a general rule, to work with the red, orange or yellow of the lower three chakras you need to eat foods with a violet, blue or indigo skin. To work with the higher three chakras you need to eat red, orange or yellow food. Yellow, the colour associated with the Solar Plexus chakra, can positively influence the mind and intellect.

    Using the beautiful image of a sunflower in bloom with the visualization opposite , can have positive benefits for the emotions. When you are ready, close your eyes and take the image of the sunflower to your Solar Plexus. Its petals characterize the petals bordering the Solar Plexus chakra. This darkness creates a space for you to contemplate what the imagery of this chakra is saying to you. Think about the element of fire and the heat produced by the process of digestion and how this heat helps to maintain your body temperature.

    Consider the nutritional value of your diet and how you could make it more balanced. The Solar Plexus chakra is the heart of the emotions, and to keep it in a state of balance you have to be emotionally balanced, and the master of your feelings. Your fears must be addressed and overcome if you are to proceed along your spiritual path. As you look at the sunflower consider the other concept this chakra presents: death — of the physical body and of the ego. In many Western societies, death has been separated from life.

    We have a morbid fear of death and dying. In other cultures, death is a time of great rejoicing because it is believed that the soul has left the limitations of the physical body to return to the spiritual realm. Perhaps this chakra is challenging you to look at your feelings surrounding death.

    Contemplating dying to self or the ego brings us to the realization that we are only a small part of the wonderful pattern of life. In realizing this, any high opinions you may have of yourself will start to fall away. In your present state of awareness you are only able to see a small part of the picture called life, but sharing your own limited knowledge with other like-minded souls will enable you, and. How true it is that the more we learn about life, the more we realize how little we know.

    With each inhalation, direct this clear yellow light to the chakra until it resembles a glowing ball of yellow energy. When practising these asanas, try to use the guidelines outlined below. In Purvottanasana, aim to keep both feet flat on the floor. This is a strenuous posture and intially you may be able to hold it for just a few seconds.

    In Ustrasana, it is important to keep your hips in line with your knees. One way to check this is to practise facing a wall. If your body posture is correct, your thighs should touch the wall. When working with Uttana Mayurasana, make sure that your elbows are kept in line with your shoulders. Once you are in your chosen posture, continue to breathe normally. Bring your concentration into your Solar Plexus chakra and, with each inhalation, visualize a ray of yellow light passing through your feet into this chakra to help strengthen and vivify it.

    Continue holding the posture with this visualization, for as long as you can without straining your body. Come out of the posture on an out-breath, then lie down on the floor and. Place the palms of your hands on the floor by your hips, with your fingers pointing in the direction of your feet.

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    On your next exhalation, lift your body off the floor, taking the pressure on to your hands and feet. Keep your arms straight. Hold this posture for as long as possible whilst concentrating on your Solar Plexus chakra and the colour yellow. Benefits This posture strengthens the wrists and ankles and works on the shoulder joints.

    It expands the chest and helps to relieve minor hip problems. If you have difficulty bringing your hips in line with your knees, tuck your toes under and place a cushion between your hands and your heels. As you become more supple, you can discard the cushion and put your feet flat on the floor. Benefits This posture stretches and tones the whole of the spine, making it supple. It also works on the abdominal organs and muscles and on the shoulder joints.

    Keep your shoulders on the floor with your neck extended and your knees together. If you have difficulty with this posture, place a wooden block or a thick book beneath the lower part of your lumbar spine, and place your arms by the side of your raised body. Practise with this until your arms become strong enough to support your body. Benefits This posture strengthens and improves flexibility in the back and wrist joints. It also tones the abdominal organs and works the thigh muscles. To start this process, reach into yourself to detect the presence of any of these negative emotions.

    Suppressing or ignoring such feelings can be detrimental to your health, especially if you have managed to bury them in your unconscious mind. Normally we suppress such feelings, either through a sense of guilt or because they are too painful to deal with. But ultimately they have to be uncovered and worked through in order to clear the chakra of stagnant energy. The following breathing exercises will help you to do this if practised regularly.

    This command must be forceful and truly meant. Visualize any undesired emotions being carried away with the exhaled breath. Repeat this seven to ten times before checking for any remaining, unwanted emotions. If need be, repeat the exercise. Follow this exercise with the cleansing breath described below. It is particularly beneficial when you are tired and drained of energy. Exhale completely to rid the lungs of carbon dioxide and other waste products. Inhale slowly and completely.

    Pucker up your lips without swelling out your cheeks, as if you are going to whistle, then exhale a small amount of air, with great force, through your puckered lips. Retain the remaining air for a moment before exhaling a little more. Repeat this until all the air from your lungs is completely exhaled.

    Initially you may find it simpler to start with this sound Sitting quietly, take a deep breath and, as you slowly exhale, start to intone the sound, Aw. On your next inhalation bring your concentration to your Solar Plexus chakra. Exhaling, repeat this sound. Experiment with different pitches until you find the sound that resonates with this chakra. When you have found the right pitch, continue to work with it for a further ten to fifteen rounds.

    Now change to the mantra Ram. After completing a further ten to fifteen rounds, contemplate which sound feels right for you. The swastika is one of the oldest and most complex of symbols and is used widely by Buddhists and devotees of Vishnu. Its exact symbolism is unknown but many interpretations surround it. It appears with both gods and goddesses but is associated mainly with solar and generative symbols such as the lion, ram, deer, horse, birds and the lotus. The swastika is said to be the cross of India, and is the sign of Pisces in the Indian zodiac.

    In Hinduism it is the symbol of the fire god Agni, as well as being associated with Brahma, Surya, Vishnu and Ganesh, the pathfinder and god of the crossroads. In Christianity it represents the trinity of God the Father, God the Son and God the Holy Spirit; in Hinduism it is Brahma the creator, Vishnu the preserver and Shiva the destroyer, and in humans it is body, mind and spirit.

    In its three dimensional form it becomes the tetrahedron, the platonic solid symbolizing fire. The upward-facing triangle represents the sun and the masculine energy and the downward-pointing triangle the moon and feminine energy. The visualization, opposite, will allow you to harness the power of this chakra. Exercise Fire, the element connected with this chakra, gives us light, produces heat, transforms and is therefore essential to life. At the solarplexus chakra it is symbolized by the triangle which points downwards.

    Spiritually, there are two kinds of fire: the first is the fire of earth, the fire of our base desires which devours and reduces to ashes whatever it touches. This is sometimes referred to as the fire of passion, which can inflict great suffering if we are not prepared to relinquish our desires. The second is the celestial fire of the sun, the sacred fire of divine love which enables us to be transformed into a spritual, radiant being. Position the yantra where you can see it comfortably, then light a candle and stand this either on a table or on the floor in front of you.

    As you contemplate the flame of the candle, consider the two kinds of fire mentioned above. The first, the fire of passion can be founded on materialism or it can be ignited through a great desire to discover who you really are and the true aim of your earthly life. If based on materialism and selfish desires, then these need to be transformed. This you can do by walking through the divine fire of purification, and visualizing all your negative attributes being consumed by the flames.

    To work successfully with the heart chakra next, you must work to transcend the three lower chakras. Part of this process is working with the transforming power of fire. Still looking at the candle flame, think about your own inner flame of light, a reflection of your spiritual life and work. The strength of this flame reflects your spritual growth, achieved through your many incarnations into a physical form.

    If the flame is strong, it will withstand the many challenges you are given, but if weak, the storms of life could extinguish it. Each time you incarnate, you are given opportunities for growth but you are also given free will to accept or reject these opportunities. Shifting your gaze to the yantra, imagine yourself standing on the outside of the circle. Visualize the triangle surrounded with the celestial flames of purification.

    These brilliant, dancing yellow, red and orange flames invite you to walk through them. If you chooose to do this, their light will reveal what you need to transform in your life to raise your energies to the heart chakra. As you acknowledge the changes that need to be made, ponder ways of doing this.

    This can be a very painful process, especially if the changes threaten your security, but remember, ultimately your security must come from within yourself and not from outside. Finally, take one of these celestial flames and unite it with your own inner flame of light. Strengthen and nurture this flame with daily meditation and contemplation. Sound in the universe is produced by the striking together of objects. This sets up vibrations or sound waves. But the sound that comes from beyond this material world, known as the primordial sound, is the source of all sound.

    It is the Anahata sound. The Heart chakra is the centre of balance and equilibrium. The three chakras. This chakra is shown as a circle surrounded by twelve green petals, bearing in black Sanskrit letters the sounds k, kh, g, gh, n, ch, chh, j, jh, n, t and th. The twelve modes of being associated with this chakra are lustfulness, fraudulence, indecision, repentance, hope, anxiety, longing, impartiality, arrogance, incompetence, discrimination and defiance.

    Inside the circle is the smoky blue hexagon constructed by interlacing the downward- and upward-pointing triangles.

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    The downward-pointing triangle signifies the lower nature of humans and is connected to the earth energies, and the upper triangle represents the higher nature and is linked to our spiritual energies. It stands for the perfect balance of complementary forces and the androgynous nature of the one true deity of which all the gods are incarnations.

    The upward-pointing triangle is solar energy and fire, and embodies the masculine principle and the downward-pointing triangle is linked with the moon, water and the feminine principle. The second polarity in this chakra is that which exists between right and left. The right is masculine and yang in nature and the left is feminine with yin characteristics. If we were to draw a vertical line to separate our left and right sides and a horizontal line to separate the three lower and the three upper chakras, we would create a cross symbolizing all aspects of our self.

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    It is all these aspects that become integrated at the heart centre through the power of unconditional love. He is a smoky colour and rides upon a black antelope. Vayu is also often shown with four arms, and carrying the goad. The black antelope is the emblem of Shiva and is purported to pull the chariots of. Ishu is another form of Shiva. In his representation as Ishu he is the overlord of the three lower chakras. He is often depicted with two arms and three eyes. The third eye, situated in his forehead, is his eye of wisdom. With his hands he forms mudras, one for granting boons and the other for removing fear.

    In some representations he is clad in silken raiment, with bells on his toes and many jewels around his neck. This title is relevant to this chakra because his dance symbolizes divine activity as the source of movement in the universe, particularly under the aspect of the cosmic functions of creation, conservation, destruction, incarnation and liberation. Sometimes Shiva dances where cremations take place to draw the demons and earthbound spirits — said to haunt these places — into the dance to neutralize their evil powers.

    He is shown in this guise on pages 64— The Heart chakra can also be likened to a place of cremation where our sense of self and all the negativity that stems from this is consumed. It is also where the material aspects of the three lower chakras are transformed in the fire, to free our soul to identify itself with the divine lord of the dance. It has been said that the supreme and perfect rhythm of the dynamic and triumphant joy that follows this purification is better expressed through dance than with words.

    She has three eyes, like Ishu, and four arms. In two of her hands she carries the noose and the skull and with the other two she makes the sign of blessing and the mudra that dispels fear. She is portrayed in a happy and excited mood through drinking the nectar which flows from the soma chakra. Again, both the skull and the noose symbolize our need to die to self, to ignorance and to the vanity of the world, so that we might partake in the sacred dance of life. This has been likened to ten million flashes of lightning. Encapsulated within this, in shining gold and carrying the half moon on his head, is the masculine principle in the form of the Shiva-linga who is known by the name Bana.

    When working with this chakra, meditate upon the golden light radiating from the Shiva-linga. This is depicted as a circle with eight red petals and it is known as the Ananda-kanda. Contained within its centre is the tree of life and an altar adorned with many precious jewels. Upon the altar our divine self is said to reside.

    It is here we contemplate our divinity and the universal flame of light. It is here that we are surrounded by unconditional love. In Christianity, it is also associated with Adam and his fall from paradise. It is believed that. Its presence in Ananda-Kanda chakra symbolizes the start of a new life, a new way of thinking. When this centre has awakened we have risen above our animal nature and reside in the joy of recognizing our true self. Energizing Anahata The Heart chakra influences the lungs and respiratory system, heart and circulatory system, immune system, lymph glands and controls the thymus gland.

    This chakra is related to the mental layer of our aura and its polarity is incoming and outgoing thought. When we transcend this polarity, we transcend the mind and connect with divine, unconditional love. Work through the following exercises to familiarize yourself with the chakra and its energies. This makes us outgoing, friendly and puts us in touch with our feelings. In the physical body this chakra is situated near the fifth thoracic vertebra and is connected with the air element and the sense of touch. The newly fallen leaves surrounding you display a rich green, while others show the faded green of decay.

    Breathe in the rich green of the leaves and, exhaling, take this colour to your Heart chakra to nourish and cleanse it. Be aware of any emotional pain being released, a sign that this chakra is being cleansed in preparation for your work with the Throat chakra. Continue to work with the visualization until you feel that your Heart chakra is cleared of past traumas.

    Awakening anahata on the hands and feet Locate the chakra on either your right foot or right hand. SB: No, he didn't. He used to go to bed early. B: do B: does, doesn't 6 Jason usually wears jeans and a T-shirt. B: don't 8 a 1 wakes up 6 types 11 cooks 2 has 7 answers 12 watches 12 1 - d Jim usually plays football on Saturdays, but last Saturday he went to the beach. He used to drive a sports car.

    Now he rides a 6 My father cooked dinner last night. He used to be married to a model. Now, he is 8 David doesn't like watching TV. He used to live in a large house. Now, he lives in 14 1 ldo 3 Nor do l a small terraced house. Now, he cooks his own food. Now, he doesn't 2 F tall and slim have many -friends.

    Her sister is Susan. He used to wake up very late. Now, he wakes up 4 T very early. Enterprise 2 Elementary - Workbook Unit 3 Sally is tall and slim with green eyes and long 2 Jill socks, shoes, skirt, blouse, jacket straight brown hair. He's got short curly brown Heather is tall and thin. She's got short straight fair hair and a friendly smile. Jill is wearing socks, shoes, a skirt, a blouse, and a Susan is tall and thin.

    She's got lorlg straight fair jacket. Matt is wearing shoes, a tie, a shirt, a jacket and trousers. She must be single. He must be a businessman. He must work long hours. He can't be a pilot. She can't be a pilot. I was 5 the oldest 10 cheaper than staying in room It is a square brown handbag.

    It is small and is a 1 the most expensive made of leather. It has got a long shoulder strap. How much are these sunglasses? How much is this bicycle? How much is this umbrella? How much are these flowers? How much is this briefcase? How much would you like? It is small and is 5 gasped 13 went made of leather. It's square and has got a long 6 was holding 14 was getting shoulder strap.

    Enterprise 2 Elementary - Workbook Unit 4 8 2 Jane wasn't looking at the painting. She was 13 Suggested answers walking into the room. S3: I looked out of the window and saw a car. He was talking to Ali and Maya. S4: A man and a woman got out of the car. They S5: The woman was shouting. S6: I heard the doorbell, but I was afraid to answer. He was S7: Then I heard somebody banging on the door. S8: Then, I heard the car engine start.

    Mr West wasn't walking into the room. He was S9: I waited a while, then I slowly opened the door. S I saw a dog on the doorstep. Mr Brown wasn't listening to the guide. He was S The dog was injured, so I took it indoors and taking a photograph. S Over the next few weeks, the dog got better. Pam screamed when she saw the stranger in S In the end. I decided to keep it. The thieves stole the painting while the guard 14 1 on 5 along 9 through wasn't looking. It stopped raining, so the children went out to play.

    She admired the wonderful asked, so, went churches and monuments. They suddenly heard a loud knocked, but, were roar. Enterprise 2 Elementary - Workbook Unit 5 4 No, it wasn't. A motorboat was speeding Suggested answers towards them. The guide shouted at the 3 Artists have to be creative and imaginative. Carlos's Lucky Find 4 They are going to make a birthday cake. Carlos Sanchez, loved exploring the countryside. One summer morning in July, he waved goodbye to his grandparents and set off on his bicycle. He had She is going to buy a swimsuit.

    She is going to buy flip-flops. A few hours later, Carlos was breaking open She is going to buy a pair of shorts. It was a dinosaur egg! He quickly wrapped up She is going to buy a pair of flippers. Carlo's grandfather couldn't believe his eyes She isn't going to buy a pair of boots and immediately called the authorities to tell them She is going to buy sunglasses.

    A team of scientists examined the egg. They were 1 am going to 5 will delighted and asked Carlos to take them back to 2 will 6 will the place where he had found it. Over 'the next few 3 won't 7 won't months, scientists found hundreds more eggs. He even gave some 1 misses 6 goes interviews on television. A nurse looks after patients in a hospital. An architect designs buildings. A plumber fixes leaking taps. I'II go to bed early. Unit 6 - food, Glorious food pp. I would be 2 an 5 some 8 a 11 a grateful if you could send me some further 3 an 6 a 9 an 12 some information as I am interested in working as a fruit plcker this summer.

    First of all, your advertisement states that the There are some eggs in the fridge. I There isn't any butter in the fridge. In addition to this, regarding There isn't any milk in the fridge. I have There aren't any strawberries in the fridge worked on my uncle's farm during my school There isn't any mayonnaise in the fridge. There are some sausages in the fridge. Thank you for your assistance. I look forward to hearing from you soon. There aren't any eggs in the fridge.

    There are 3 F How many oranges do you need? There are a few grapes left in the fridge. Are there any olives on that pizza? Atmosphere: tables clean rather nolsy furnishings - play quieter 3 You shouldn't drive when you're tired. Suggested answer 15 1 should ask 4 should stay Introduction 2 shouldn't spend 5 shouldn't eat The purpose of this report is to assess the new 3 should phone Fontana's Pizza House in Sunford, which I visited on 13th January.

    I tried the Hawaiian Special which 4 You shouldn't keep the fish in a small fish tank. However, the menu was rather boring. Service The staff at Fontana's were very friendly during my 17 1 watch 4 finds visit. However the music at the restaurant was turns bad. However, I think the manager should make a few changes. Firstly, he 19 A 1 Would you like 2 would like should add some different dishes to the menu, so that customers have a more varied selection to choose B 1 Can l help 2 Do you want from. Secondly, he should train his staff to work faster. Dialogue A takes place in an expensive restaurant.

    Finally, he should play quieter music, to give Dialogue B takes place in a fast-food restaurant. B: l've broken my leg. B: I've got a stomach ache. Uploaded By daprud You will match the outlined ligaments and structures to their function. Match the following ligaments and structures to their function. C Joint capsule A. Reinforces hip joint capsule anteriorly A Iliofemoral ligament B.

    Contains blood vessels to the femoral head D Pubofemoral C. Encases head and ligament neck of femur G Ischiofemoral D.