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Peggy Cokus. April 27, at pm.

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October 30, at pm. Elle Hernandez. January 28, at am. I am one of the biggest fans of the little Sparrow!. Her life was not always so good even from her childhood days. But the song Je Ne regrette rien is ,was ,exactly her song of her life,her loves, the complete picture so emotionally sung as any good chanteuse would sing, but especially by dear Edith.. I will always remember her voice. I will hear it wherever I may be. Thank you for the wonderful video recording and the turkey exact translations. Penny Mangan.

February 4, at pm.

5 Lovely French Poems with English Translations

When I heard the lyrics to this song on a commercial, I had to find out who sang it and the English translation. October 30, at am. My pleasure! Thank you for taking the time to comment.

Angèle - Balance Ton Quoi [CLIP OFFICIEL]

Ah…computers and tablets …always predicting th d wrong words! April 22, at pm. Edgar Mann. June 29, at am. August 6, at am. August 9, at pm. December 26, at pm. It was adopted for that use, but it was not written to commemorate such event. He in no way composed it for the Algerian event. It is originally a love song. Piaf sang it in commemoration and the Legion appropriated its use.

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December 27, at am. June 6, at pm. Jill Lee. October 1, at pm. Thank you for the translation of this beautiful song. Looking forward to perusing your site. Maybe I will start learning French and enjoying the best French music. I think I will. Sir Noise. October 4, at pm. Thanks for this. Particularly the vocabulary notes. Am currently studying this song for live performance and this helps a lot to a non french speaker.

November 18, at am. She was an incredible, whole woman who wore her truth where everyone could hear. If I could make jewelry for her , it would be baroque pearls. Would have loved to love her — born too late. Rebecca Noel. November 20, at pm. I will have to read and learn more about Ms Edith. I recognize her name. When I saw the Dove chocolate commercial and heard her singing that song, I t is like I have not rested until I found this page.

Now I have sent it to my email to share with my aunts. My grandmother spoke Canadian French. She would have helped me understand the words. November 23, at pm. Not at all, It was done in such despair, it was doomed from the beginning. It came at a time you were almost too young? No, not at all. Most likely it was the contrary. It was him who took this personna he had created quite seriously… he was only 19 at the time, he was very young! You are credited as a co-writer on the first EP, How much creative input did you have overall? If he had been older, maybe he would have been more in a teachful manner?

Yes, absolutely. It was infernal. Any whatsoever. Atrocious , really?! Oh, yes! I wanted her to be sophisticated and detached, I disguised her and made-up her look. Was he ever your boy friend? Not at all, never! How old were you at the time? I was on year younger then him, I may have been 19 and he was I had between 18 and 19 during that venture. The recordings are wildly creative with unsual lyrics, composition and overal sound — what was the general reaction towards this from both yourself and the general public?

You never toured or anything? Germinal… I know Antoine asked for me to tour with him but I refused. So it was done in ? So it was still pre-hippie? Yes, it was done right before. Are there any fun or memorable publicity events, TV shows and so on that have lasted? No, no good memories. Yes, TV.

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  4. That was a TV shot outside? That shows how crazy I was to not usher a word of complaint while these hoods would really slap me ….

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    You mean they took advantage of that scene to hit you because as Rockers they probably hated Pop? Yes, probably. Yes, I did because, I would meet nice people on there; Pierre Dac was charming …. What was that show? Yes, I think so. You were never friends with Chantal Goya? Were you acquainted with any other fellow pop stars, especially at Vogue?

    Charles Aznavour discography - Wikipedia

    Not at all. Yes there was… no. I mean, there were like little clans, Ronnie Bird for instance had his group with Zouzou…? Very bad! Maybe I was still in my tender years. You can ask me other questions but… It will always turn around my feeling depressed at that time that would show a lot on the screen. Maybe you were too self-conscious about this but, did the people saw that? You mentionned an episode about a girl taking your records and going on a summer tour passing herself as you in the southern coast of France; would you care to elaborate on that anecdote?

    She sang playback on my records, making fake local TV, she managed to have musicians believe and follow her: she would go on these sets where these gullible musicians would wait for her outside! If I remember well, this girl even made auditions at the time. She managed to have people follow her on local TV premises, musicans whom she would borrow money including the guy who asked me for his money back! She was like those mythomaniac who would make you believe things, saying they had to be on which program at a certain hour and sign some records, etc. The only interesting aspect in this story was that I, as Clothilde, never took opportunity of my celebrity to do these sort of things while a perfect stranger managed to squeeze out some money and benefit from my fame.

    I mean that someone motivated can arrange his way thru and accomplish things and I was a little out of the system. So she had free holidays at your expenses? What happened with the guy who asked you for his money back? He called back Germinal who would then call me back in return and things would clear up. Germinal said he then invited that fake singer in his office at Vogue, setting a trap pretending he wanted to congratulate and thank her for the tribute she had made to you… Yes, he gave her a hell of a slap I found a bit lousy!

    No, no. He reported me afterwards. In fact, with this attitude, you gave way to freeloaders? I was so totally off-beat. Reverting to that italian single episode: could you clear the mystery on how it happened? I remember of a mister who came to make me rehearse and split his hair trying to make me prononce in a correct way the italian words.

    It was much sharper then in French. So, I was a bit deterred. Was this episode the last straw that made you quit? Not at all, I told you how from the start I felt awkward about this: it was the building up of my difficult relationship with Germinal like I said. Why was there a need to make a record of an Italian version, was there any popular request from italian fans?

    I have absolutely NO idea. It just happened that way, one day they said: you are having a coach to make you sing the songs in italian. You will have to ask Germinal about it. Why did I brutally cut short to my singing career? I went one evening to an exhibition of paintings from a painter whose children were my friends at one time too. And there, one of the boys I still see him today; I told him about this last time and he was flabbergasted!

    He was making fun of me and everybody even was feeling uneasy from his attitude, and I came back home where I said to myself: I quit. Too much is too much so I said to myself that I would never answer calls from Vogue records again. How long did it all last, six months, one year? Oh, it lasted well a year because we made two records…. Oh yes, I did flee and vanished. I allowed it and let it go because I had such feeling for her. All her wanting to sing now came from that intial career she had anyway.

    What course did your life take after this too?

    Pronoms négatifs

    I was very happy to end this masquerade. I felt free… and later my life turned very gloom, I had my child … Very gloom?! My life was very gloomy, yes. I did a lot of things, sketched a lot of illustrations where I worked. I was very perfectionnist, the nostalgia of not being an actress like I first wanted, stayed on within me. By not being an actress, saying no to what was my true calling, it choked me. I did iconography, I took back studies, I… really fucked-up. What kind of studies? No, I studied graphology 5 years, then I finally dumped it.

    See a Problem?

    You never went to a Hippie commune, for example? I find it difficult to be amongst people. Otherwise, you never shot any movies, you never made any cameos? So you raised him alone? Well, I raised him at home, there was my sister…. Were you aware of any of this? In your everyday life you never heard of anything, no hearsay or feedback about this cult? Sure, people told me.

    Because there are some who would play around with internet.