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The year is A vaccine has been developed that makes Life Extension a reality, ending the aging process and sparking controversy as the world is suddenly faced with the opportunity to live forever. Some find the decision easy.

Some are skeptical. Others revolt. Spanning more than a millennium, "The Day I Wore Purple" blends science-fiction and romance into an engaging drama that follows families, friends, and lovers as they struggle with the blurred recollection of the past, the challenges of the present, and the potential of an infinite future. I know I'm promoting this project as "four novels in four months," but if I'm unable to edit "Purple" to a publishable standard by September, I may have to push it back a month or two.

I don't foresee any issues with the other three books!

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I can no longer alter the text on the rewards, but my project needs a little push, so I'm including a special ebook for ANY donation, including 1 dollar! Des questions sur ce projet?

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Also, you will receive a high quality digital version of my Wattpad picture, I will fan you, comment on your story, AND edit the first three pages of your work with brief critiques in the margins. And as always, if I like what I read, I'll vote!

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This includes a thank-you email, your name on my website For forty bucks, you get all of the above, plus a signed and numbered paperback of your choice, AND a signed photograph of your choice. For one-hundred dollars, you'll receive a thank-you email, your name on the website, all four ebooks, signed paperbacks of "The Accidental Siren," "Lighthouse Nights," "The Day I Wore Purple," and "The Brandywine Prophet" as they're released, and all five photographs!

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If I become famous someday Twitter Facebook E-mail. Four Novels in Four Months. From the tragic prologue to the breathtaking climax, the themes of family, faith, and obsession provide an epic backdrop for this fast-paced character study. Written in a near-omniscient style, yet maintaining William, the protagonist, as the main focus of the novel, The Brandywine Prophet is an interesting little book.

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The novel is laced with the occasional red herring. The beauty of red herrings is that they are rarely used, which I find tends to lull the reader into a false sense of security. I love that Vander Ark uses the possibility of having a slightly predictable novel and turns it into something completely unpredictable. This unpredictability helps the characters grow or wither depending on their situations effectively.

The reader often learns truths and falses as the characters do. And I mean that as a compliment, since he obviously has a great grasp of what makes his characters tick.

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His descriptions, metaphors, dialogue, and poignant observation of a disturbed and artistic mind is what the reader should keep an eye on. The story itself, though very complicated at times, tells the reader that not everything is as it seems. Religion is shown as a savior for some, but as the destruction of others.