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The Art and Practice of Embodied Mindfulness

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Awakening Somatic Intelligence

Please try again later. Format: Kindle Edition Verified Purchase. Risa explains the concept and intentions of this book in a way which resonates with me highly. I was immediately very excited to learn from her. But when she begins to explain the actual exercises or practice she looses me completely.

She seems to speak a language which may work for students who have taken her classes and have actually seen the movements she speaks of but which are a blind alley for neophites trying to glean the concepts from a book. To make it worse, I purchased the kindle edition which makes it difficult to page back and reread. I have reread her instructions for the basic movements over 5 times It sounds so tempting: "riding the waves of the breath - gravity surfing - is the foundation of all the somatic learning process. Ok, I want some of that Her instructions leave me clueless.

Some of the suggested exercises are useful, but not all. I am not fully comfortable with the author's style. I would start with a more "basic somatics" text, like "bone,breath and gesture ". I am still reading this book, and while the idea of awaking to somatic intelligence is a good one I find most of the exercises suggested in the book to complex and difficult to follow My overall experience of this book is that I have read other books on the same subject that are easier to follow. First, the author sometimes uses scientific words incorrectly, and explains physiology incorrectly as well.

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In one part she uses the word proprioception when what she wants to say in interoception. She also says there are no accessory to the diaphragm muscles that can help make inhalation deeper, which is not correct. The scalenes, SCM etc do this. Also, she explains some of the exercises in a sort of poetic language that just left me confused, not knowing what to do. Other times even her non-poetic descriptions like of the spine release for example , did not make sense to me at all, and the illustrations didn't help.

One person found this helpful. I was drawn in completely Verified Purchase.

Excerpt from "Awakening Somatic Intelligence: The Art and Practice of Embodied Mindfulness"

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The 5 Elements of Somatic Intelligence Method Explained

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Awakening Somatic Intelligence by Risa F. Kaparo, Ph.D. | Penguin Random House Canada

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Book Three: Speed Reading - Many people dread reading for any reason. They do not realize how beneficial it can be. Some people love reading for relaxation, but they hate reading for information.

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