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This show must have been intended as a prelude to the tour of provincial cities, which included Oxford, Birmingham, Leicester, Bristol and Chester. Pendered quotes from the local newspaper reviews, extracts from which were used as part of the publicity when the paintings finally reached London and 'were exhibited in the Great Hall of Commerce, Threadneedle Street, in They were advertised in a pamphlet as 'the most sublime and extraordinary pictures in the world. The Morning Post of 3 May greatly admired them: 'the simple grandeur of the conception, the broad artistic arrangement, and the wonderfully inventive faculty in detail.

The Art Journal of June was less enthusiastic: 'No modern artist except Martin would ever have entertained the idea of painting such subjects, and it would have been well for his reputation if he had left them alone; they are far beyond the stretch of finite intelligence, and of a character too awful to be made themes of the painter's art Martin seems to have allowed his imagination to revel amid its wildest fancies till it extended into the region of burleque, and almost into that of profanity'. Balston quotes these and other contemporary reviews pp.

The Mottram engravings were not published until 1 January ; the venture was a success to judge from the sale to James Plimpton of the small remaining stock in Balston, p. According to lain Bain introduction to catalogue of the Exhibition of Victorian Prints, Maas Gallery , Plimpton continued to produce prints from the plates, and according to Feaver p. The paintings toured the United States in , according to Pendered, and were shown again in London in , at Mabley's in the Strand, and noticed by the Art Journal November , p.

Mrs Henry Wood relates a visit to see the paintings at 'Lynneborough' in her novel East Lynne, published in quoted by Malston, p. They continued to tour Britain at least until , when they were shown at Hexham, Northumberland, the nearest suitable town to Martin's birthplace, Haydon Bridge. George Wilson's undated pamphlet, published in London, advertises another show in London: his statement that 'again, after a lapse of over twenty years, are John Martin's sublime Judgement Pictures exhibited to the British Public' suggests a date around The subsequent ownership and history of the pictures are far from clear.

The paintings were not mentioned in Martin's will, and presumably their ownership was affected by the agreement with the publisher Maclean.

"I Found Him Whom My Soul Loveth. I Held Him and Would Not Let Him Go." - Marshmallow Ranch

According to Balston, they were held in trust for Martin's wife and afterwards for his daughters. But Leopold Martin states that the pictures were bequeathed by the artist to his cousin, the wife of Thomas Wilson. Pendered also records that the artist's grandson had told her of this bequest. In Balston's manuscript additons to his book Victoria and Albert Museum Library , he notes that 'before his death, according to Thomas Hunt Martin's pencil corrections to Pendered's Life, Martin had given the Judgment Pictures to Mrs Wilson in gratitude for her hospitality and care'.

Martin's cousin was Matia Thompson, who had married the son of the Thomas Wilson who was Martin's host on the Isle of Man and whose family nursed Martin during his final illness. The matter is complicated by the fact there was another marital link between the Martins and the Wilsons -the elder Wilson's wife was Martin's wife's sister. By about , the pictures were in the possession of the artist's son Charles; he may have inherited them through the Wilson family, as he had martied the elder Wilson's daughter Mary Ann. George Wilson-presumably either Matia's husband or, more likely, her son-claims ownership of the pictures in his pamphlet.

By the end of the century interest in the Judgment pictures had waned considerably, and Balston describes their neglect p. Balston also records that T. Martin mortgaged them. Pendered recorded in that since they had hung on the staircase at the Dore Gallery, and-after the gallery closed they presumably went into storage. Balston continues by stating that by the paintings had been removed from their frames and stretchers, rolled up, and stored in a warehouse.

In they were sold at auction, where they are supposed to have fetched under seven pounds, although no record survives. One of the buyers remembers overhearing at the sale that someone intended to buy one of the pictures in order to cut it up to decorate a screen, and he determined to save it from this fate. However Balston pp. Balston's account is borne out by examination of the canvas of 'The Last Judgment' which clearly reveals three vertical joins.

In Todd's book of , however, that picture is stated to be in the collection of Mr Nan Kivel, while 'The Plains of Heaven' is stated to be in the collection of Lady Hartis. Dan Graham. Main menu additional Become a Member Shop. Twitter Facebook Email Pinterest Share this page. In Tate Britain. Walk Through British Art: Free entry. Artist John Martin — Medium Oil paint on canvas.

Dimensions Support: x mm frame: x x mm. Collection Tate. I am always both a student and a teacher. I have been teaching art to children since the age of eight. As a student of life, I am challenged everyday to experiment and to explore the unknown territories. We should appreciate each safe moment. Her background is gold, copper, and brass, to signify the providence, the law, and the safety. Nor can the loveliness of the painter herself be unobserved.

She is the epitome of a unique gentleness and beauty that seems to glow from inside her until it reaches her countenance. Click here for reprint permission. Click to Read More and View Comments. Click to Hide. May Cheryl K. Donald Trump. World Cup. Megan Rapinoe. I do not have digital files of the painting, but you can bookmark it on your phone or computer and look at it anytime you want. I would suggest you leave your e-mail address in the link on my webpage and I can email you and let you know when the painting is available in this country.

If so, can you please advise me how I could do that? That is the most incredible painting I have ever seen, and I so want at least one, preferably 3. Thank you in advance for you help. Rosemary, I spoke with Kerolos, the artist who did that beautiful painting, last night. He is trying to set up a way to sell his art legitimately but the problem is in the banking end of things.

Things are much different in Egypt when it comes to setting up a company. He had no idea this thing would take off like it did. I also hope people will wait till they can buy his prints legitimately and the money will go to him and not these scammers. Kero really appreciates your patience. If you leave your e-mail address in the place on my website, I will send an e-mail with the update. I also would be interested in a print…this is such an overwhelming wonderful picture! Just like I would want it to be like! Please let me know when prints are available.

I do not know how to follow but I will try to figure it out. I just spoke with Kero last night. They finally got PayPal setup. So they are getting closer. It takes a long time to set these things up in Egypt. Thank you for your patience. Please tell me when prints are available. Made me cry. Gives me such joy, though I doubt if I will be strong enough to hug Him. Please let me know when that happens. I have lost 4 siblings, the last was my sister March 22 This painting appeared on my facebook tbe next day and it even looks like her.

I really want a copy for her memorial. Please keep me posted. Oh, Rorie, I am so sorry for your losses. I put you on the email list and will let you know when I hear the painting is available in the states. Ginny, We lost our 19 year old daughter 3 years ago in February. This image reminds me of her and how I hope she is enjoying her forever life with Jesus. I have been searching and it sounds like you have the best information on purchasing non counterfeit prints. Glenn, I am so terribly sorry for the loss of your beautiful daughter.

I know this painting must give you great comfort. I have placed your name on the list to let you know when the painting is available for sale through the artist. Thank you so much for your patience. It might be another couple of weeks. I was waiting for delivery of my copy to check for the quality of the prints, but there is flooding here in WV today and the delivery has been delayed.

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Hopefully, everything will be fine and I can give Kerolos the green light to start taking orders then. Hi Ginny, Please add me to the many people when this painting will be available in the US. I have seen one of the counterfeit sites and almost bought from it thinking it was real. This is such a beautiful picture! Hi, Jennifer…I have added your name to the e-mail list to let you know when the painting is available.

Ginny , I have a friend that would like to buy the painting of First Day in Heaven. Please contact me Glenda Bentley …. Thank you , Glennda.

I would love to have a print of this beautiful painting. I have lost my son, my husband and my dear friend the last couple of years. I know heaven is like this and I believe. I would like to give this print to my daughter. Maureen, I am so sorry for your losses. Of course I will let you know when the print becomes available in the US. I know.

It just aggravates the dickens out of me. Kerolos is close to getting his setup for printing in the US. Thanks for letting me know. I am taken back by this painting. It is beyond words. It helps heal The heart. Betty, I put your email address on the list and will let you know when the prints become available in the US. My deepest condolences, Ginny. Our cherished friends are our chosen sisters; WE put them deep in our hearts and souls. The pain of separation gets on the seesaw with the love and gratitude and cherished memories on the other side.

May it be soon that the seesaw is balanced for you and the joy of rememberance hold the hgher seat. The picture posted is beautiful…. So sorry for such tremendous losses. Have you heard it? Life is like a rainbow, we will find the end where the gold lies, streets of gold. God Bless you always. What a welcome we will get when we enter the Pearly Gates! If everyone could get just a slight glimpse of Heaven, this world would be such a loving place, and no more non believers. My parents, my husband, and my sweet daughter Sue, all got to see first hand Gods beautiful face welcoming them home.

Friendship, the really true kind, means everything to a widow. You just know. Imaging them in the beyond is a gift to be given….. And, we really can only imagine, until we are met at the gate. I live the painting too. I love this picture. I just read this after going and seeing the movie I Can Only Imagine. There is so much to imagine! Coming up on the one year anniversary of my mom passing the picture brought me so much comfort. So very sorry for the loss of your friend. Many are asking if we can buy it anywhere.

Please let me know if it becomes available. Please add your email address in the sign up area on my website and I will email when the painting is officially available. Than you. I would love a copy of this painting, is there a place around Atlanta where I can see this painting? Second, it is my understanding this painting is not yet available in the US yet I have no idea why.

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The artist is from Egypt. I put his name at the bottom of the picture. You can make a note to Google Him once in awhile and see if the painting goes into print. I personally would buy one…I love it! Thank you for writing. Hi Ginny. Condolences on your losses. I, too, would like a print of this beautiful painting! Thank you so much! Mary Hanson msern1 yahoo. I love the First Day in Heaven painting. Are there prints for sale? If so, how can I purchase one? I love it too, Sara. He has a FB page. I printed his name on the picture so you can look him up.

I cannot seem to find anyplace that sells prints so perhaps if you follow him, he will announce when prints are available. The young woman in this picture looks just like my daught. She passed 5 years ago from MS.


The last 5 years of her life she could only blink her eyes. She was totally paralyzed. This is how I visualized her meeting Jesus. She lived for him everyday and he was her best friend. Linda, this brought tears to my eyes. When things like this happen, when something God gives me to write and it touches someone, it makes me truly understand why I do what I do.

Thank you so much for sharing the photo of your daughter. She was so beautiful. I cannot imagine your loss, having two daughters of my own. I hope you will follow the artist, Kerolos Safwat on his FB page. He says prints of the painting will be available in the US soon. Linda I just lost my beautiful daughter on January 23rd to breast cancer that picture looks so much like my little blonde girl!

Oh how I miss her! I wish we could get copies of this! Please let me know if you find out anything. This is such an inspiring painting. I was just notified by a reader he had found a site that was selling the painting however, I went on and looked and it appears to be bootleggers trying to make a buck off the artist. He will let people know when prints are officially available in the US.

They are…unfortunately. I am trying to help Kerolos get it straightened out.

ART REVIEW; Making a Religion of Mountains That Touch the Heavens

It is difficult with him living in Cairo and having a bit of a language barrier. This is a very moving painting. With recent losses and an imminent one, I find it quite comforting. There are over 30 people by that name on Fb, mostly from Egypt. I cant pinpoint which one is the artist.