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The Elephant’s Song

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    At midnight. Ibert, Giuliani, De Fella, others. Clara Longstrells, director. Thankfully, here on Earth, the seasons run on a regular schedule. But astronomers are now finding that there may be planets in our universe where the seasonal cycles are more like that of Westeros. There are planets with highly eccentric orbits that could experience long, hard winters, and very brief summers; there are planets that orbit two or more stars, which may experience highly chaotic temperature fluctuations. Today on the podcast I talk to two astrophysicists who are studying some of these odd planetary orbits.

    Veselin Kostov, a graduate studen…. July 23, A disturbance to just one part of the system can spread quickly and affect the whole thing. But this problem is its own solution: by selectively damaging part of the network, we can bring the entire system to a better state. Why is it so important to manipulate networks? These complex systems pervade our everyday lives, from telecommunications systems to the connected neurons that form memories in your brain.

    Unfortunately, nudging just a few nodes of a network can cause the entire system to malfunction. Take the electrical grid: A few downed power lines can trigger widespread blackouts. And it takes a lot of work and expensive materials to fix the broken components. Podcast: Glass. July 17, Glass is such a unique substance, scientists are still learning a lot about its fundamental nature even though we've been making it for thousands of years. On this week's podcast I talked to Douglas Allan a researcher at the Corning glass company. He told me why that tiny change is such a big deal.

    July 16, Radioactive carbon atoms created during 20th-century nuclear bomb tests could help save elephants and other endangered species. A new study , published in the Proceedings of the National Academy of Sciences , shows that carbon, a radioactive version of the common carbon atom, can be used to determine when an animal died to within about one year. Physics Invasion at Comic-Con July 15, The varied worlds of comic books, fantasy, cartoons, anime, video games and blockbuster movies will converge in San Diego later this week for Comic-Con International We'll be there too, adding a little physics to the chaos of the convention.

    During the school year, we distribute our educational yet fun! After receiving great responses from teachers and students alike, we decided to extend our reach to the annual Comic-Con audience.

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    For the past few years we've been bringing our comic books, buttons, stickers, LED lights, and physics know-how to the busy San Diego Convention Center — the host of Comic-Con International. When we're not promoting our physics goodies at the convention, you can find us fighting crime and saving the day as evidenced by the image below from last year.

    July 11, The method, still in the research stage, uses nanotubes — tiny threads of carbon barely visible to the human eye — attached to antibodies that react with particular proteins carried by the bacteria responsible for the disease. Charlie Johnson, who led the multidisciplinary group at the University of Pennsylvania with bacteriologist Dustin Brisson.

    Podcast: Man-Made Earthquakes? July 10, This week on the podcast I talk with seismologist and geophysicist Katie Keranen about a troubling trend: man-made earthquakes. Scientists have known for at least 50 years that human activities can lead to seismic events. Indian researchers say a future quake will release energy trapped along the Main Himalayan Thrust. Serious chance that resistance may spread through horizontal or vertical gene transfer, researchers say. How excitement over claims of a high-temperature superconductor reached fever-pitch — and then died away.