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Too bad. Interested in facilitating a discussion? A few of his tips and tricks for leading and participating […]. Click here to cancel reply. Things to do Create both a topic and an angle. The only filter at an unconference is you. Now is your chance. Emphasize interactivity.

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Make it easy for people to participate, ask questions, and use the group to add to your expertise on the topic. This is called facilitation and its a skill: pay attention the next time you see a meeting or brainstorming session run well. Use the whiteboards if there are any, writing down key points, suggestions or references you know people will want.

Or ask someone to volunteer to take notes at the begining of the session.

Be a good host. Like throwing a party, good hosts are friendy, introduce people, and set the tone.

Be friendlier and more extroverted than usual, just like you would if throwing a party at your house. If you know a few people in the room, use them to your advantage tasking them with seed questions or early participation. Take advantage of the unique opportunity. Has anyone done Z with Y? If you have fun with the session idea, and show up smiling, everything will go easier.

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Remember: you set the tone. Continue the conversation. Often people are torn between two sessions and miss yours despite their interest: post to the conference wiki afterwards, leaving people who missed your session a way to catch up and still make connections or contributions. If you wrote the session on the board, you need to assert yourself if the conversation devolves into a shouting match, a soloiquoy, or dead silence. Be the shepherd — visible, as involved as necessary, a beacon of sanity or insanity depening on the topic. Put your name on the session board so people can track you down later.

Conversations need seeds: offer a position, or a set of questions, to get the ball rolling. A list of thought provoking questions can be a great, low cost bag of seeds. Never get bummed that only 2 people show up. The smaller the number of people that show, the less structure you need. The group discussion. The semi-talk. The show and tell. The organizer has a cool project, demo, beta, or something to show and let people play with.

Alternatively, individuals are asked to bring their own thing to show and tell perhaps with a theme , and the session works round-robin. The interactive game or thing. Thank you for supporting real journalism.

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