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I'm still not allowed into school. Most of my friends have given up on me. But no-one knows what happened behind that door. The horrors that occurred, the venom in the insults they spat at me, using my body as a human rag doll. The police call, the detective assigned to my case. My heart drops as my mum tells me what he says. Try to sleep, but I cannot close my eyes. I see the room, the darkness, their eyes. I smell sweat and shame. I hear them calling me "it" - a worthless victim. I feel the poison on their fingertips. Dead the second they touched me. Months pass. Less contact with the police.

I go back to school. Adjust to life as 'that girl'. Learn to sleep again. Deal with the nightmares and flashbacks. Stop panicking every time someone touches me. Open up about the pain I feel every day. It's February. Ten months later. I haven't heard from the police since December. When I ring they tell me my case has been dropped. They say there's a lack of evidence. What they really mean is that no-one in court will believe my story against the three of there's.

I expected this. The blood on my underwear does not count. The pictures of my body painted with bruises do not count. The countless therapy sessions trying to fix the flashbacks and panic attacks do not count. The nights I planned how to die do not count. I used to be a person. Franko The Christian Poet Jun She is a very powerful Witch who with her Elemental Plowness is able to obtain what she wants.

Aziel: Well well In her possession are 3 fully grown Dragons. Many have meet their doom entering in her territory Cyclop Human and Vampire Alike. Aziel: I don't have anything to fear. Adrianna Develve places a strong spell in the Dragon Aurora she finally succumbs to her authority. Holding a crest of an almost impenetrable diamond in the middle of his chest.

Emanating from the Crystal comes all his power and it's his only weak spot. Then Aurora and Adrianna make an impressionable entrance to the ruins and attack the Golem head on. I see that you have grown some and are able to maintain your powers well to face me. I know what you want you want the Crystal in my chest Now as for that Dragon well Therefore, you will hand it over or I'll take it by force. Aurora shields herself with Stone Armor and goes head on collision with the Golem. The young female Dragon counterattacks with a powerful lighting blast hitting The Steel Golem in the right shoulder injuring him.

Develve attacks with a powerful mind blast knocking down the Golem Of Steel on it's back. The Golem Of Steel bleeds blue blood out of his shoulder blade and runs full force towards Adrianna Develve. It's a possession Ninjutsu technique making him practically paralyzed for about 2 minutes till he breaks free from the technique but sustains a considerable amount of damage. Adrianna Develve seeing that the Golem Of Steel is showing a sign of weakness she takes advantage to try to inflict him with a spear of lighting into the chest impairing him and he bleeds out the mouth but as the last resolution The Golem Of Steel punches the Audon Crystal shattering it into 5 individual pieces him losing his life in the process however what he didn't know is that Adrianna Develve collected all the pieces however there was a violent explosion at the site shattering huge boulders of steel and inflicting Aurora gravely.

Adrianna Develve hurries to get out of the ruins because they are crumbling down. She manages to recover Aurora briefly from there they fly to The Tavern Of Doom Dragons Of Doom Dragons right when she pulls in with Aurora who is injured from the boulders hitting her body and face at high velocity even the Rock Armor was perforated.

Aurora breathing heavily and bleeding out the mouth slipping in and out of consciousness Adrianna Develve barely getting off the Dragon. Adrianna are you Ok darling? Go get some rest I see you used the forbidden technique of Soul Healing Transfer. Well now you'll live 12 years less thanks to your little sharede. Develve I am thankful that you saved my Dragon from dying but hell consequences are quite dire. Bethilda N. Smart move buying time however, useless due to the fact that we got the diamond under our possession. It's said that he resides in one of the headquarters of the Order however, he has worked with Witches, Pagans and Nacromancers before so am sure that as long as we provide the right monetary value to repair the relic he'll work for us.

Develve: Why don't we just kidnap him and make him do the work or he pays with his life? Develve: Im aware that the Cyclop population in the Village Of Chalekathan are not taking your threats seriously well ElderLord Gromm has not paid his fee from allowing them to live and not be consumed by the curse itself. Lement: By killing him we can set an example of what can happen to them if they don't cooperate with our cause.

Develve: It dangerous though he is a strong Leader with lots of powerful influences. Aikune the cherubim of the Northern Side Of Heaven. Embuted with heavenly essence making him a very formidable foe. Lement: Indeed he is now go and lay your head and recover some energy because we need to practice your magical plowness. Adrianna heads towards the Guest Room. He also introduces Navarro Castleworth who is pleased to meet the famous Elder.

Gromm: Hello young man I am the protector of this village which has sustained numerous attacks by Lement's Dragons. Develve also partook enthusiastically with her Grandmother in attacking innocent hard working Cyclops. Making them slaves of the Curse which drives them mad and homicidal attacking friends brothers and family so we had to do the inevitable put them down. Frank: My condolences to your friends ElderLord Gromm. Am sure they in a better place now at least not suffering. However, I have a personal matter to score with Lement. She kidnapped and murdered my only daughter 10 years ago she was a I got a personal score to settle with Mrs.

Lement due to the fact that she took a piece of my heart and soul she killed my daughter. Develve played her part in the kidnapping of my baby girl 10 years ago she would be 18 years old today if Shaila Dair Sultran were alive Aziel: Frank, be careful where you thread I been informed that Lement's Grand-Daughter Adrianna Develve recently gathered Audon's Crystal a powerful diamond known to give its user Bending Steel abilities and higher sustainability. Adrianna Develve has plans to use the Crystal to fully cover the Forest Of Whispers covering every inch of Forest with the Curse which drives all living creatures with a conscious mad totally subseptable to their influence.

However, to you those must be terrible news so my question is Frank: I am aware of this Aziel don't worry I'll take care of business. He can maybe be a reliable source. Be careful Frank. Aziel: I usually don't He is courageous trustworthy and he put his life at risk by helping me regain all my vampiric power. I am in much debt to him If he makes it out alive after all this Isis: Chuckles at Aziel Aziel looks at the Empress with great focus. You know you are the handsomest of all the brothers you have. Aziel: Well now Isis you flirting with me I doubt you'll want my erected tool up your stash.

Don't you remember am a Vampire? Isis: I'm aware of that. Isis: Well Doll that is going to be some other time I am working against the clock right now. I'll leave. However, keep in mind that Im watching you closely. Plus remember I still keep contact with DarkLord for soon your Father will be back in this plane of reality. Aziel: So I have heard. Amelia St and Cross. Residency He is a huge celebrity in Russia and Germany. Keeps his bloodlust at check with fresh blood always for him to self medicate.

Looking only 19 years old he is quite the chick magnet though not my taste his Gothic Progressive Horror Rock made him quite famous. Got 5 albums however kept his personal life well hidden from his fans. Many fake and supportive accounts claiming to know the real Uriel Governale. Though no one truly knows he is a vampire for certain. Your brother belongs to this hidden organization that operates in the Shadows but their latest project is to revive your Father the Progenitor most infamous VampireLord of all time. Humanity will cease to exist if he were to be revived. All they need is a vial of blood from all of the current 8 saints and they have their eye on Saint Lauren Glennwald from the Eastern Side of Germany from a small rural community town known as Hertzentmort.

She currently 25 years old is on a mission to collect Papal papers for the Order for you know they are closely tied to the papalcy.

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However, she got body guards that are Elite Knights with very powerful Anti-Witch spells and very accurate at pinpointing weak points in any battle with powerful Witches. So going alone isn't very advisable. I'll take care of him. Don't you worry I'll be seeing you later. Soon enough I'll be all yours to play with. No leave me. There where many prestigious and famous guests there and so was the Highest Ranking Vampire of the Club Maximillion Virgil Vann himself.

Both of them infiltrated the party somehow the Order Of The Silver Knights caught wind of shady operations in the occult club and decided to check it out. Ultimately the price Demon Lords require of humans is their souls to consume them and become more powerful. This 5 Dark Priests where very important in the ceremony taking place because tonight at 3 a. They were successful on bringing back Baphomet back to life so they are trying to revive another Demon Lord. In Baphomet's revival they used unborn fetuses with 6 babies 3 male and 3 female all born under the sign of Capricorn and all must be 3 months premature.

With this requirements met Baphomet was revived to this plane of existence, however since he was violent and still hellbent from transitioning from the hellish plane to a mortal one he killed and consumed 3 Dark Priests in the process of fully coming to his senses and being able to recognize them and thank them for what they done. Baphomet promised that he would aid them 5 Dark Priests revive all 13 Demon Lords and in turn 2 Of the 5 remaining Dark Priests must sacrifice themselves to the Demon Lords for the strongest remaining 3 get a extraordinary reward. Yenson Mar Walk away!

Annihilation Point. I whistle for the Scarecrow to lead the way right after Neur decided to leave. Finally it lands in a mysterious cave where I stand in awe as I see I walk in and I feel an eerie feeling go down my gut So when I do there it is the mystical impenetrable rock Aziel was talking about. Then just then I feel a sense of ease and Aziel says telepathically I command my whole arm to become a sledgehammer and hit the rock directly and it cracks in a half Then I am relieved. Then Aziel responds worried Then to my bewilderment Boom there stood a huge 32 ft tall ElderGloomTree It looked at me and it had a sweet berry like strawberry like scent in the Air it smelled beautifully nice.

The middle of the tree there was a mouth like sideways and it opened inside it slowly took out it's tongue and there was a small what looked like a mustard seed with rainbow like colors all over. There that little seed grew before my very eyes in the matter of split seconds and formed the shape of a beautiful glowing young woman with beautiful green skin and black hair with blue red and white stripes on the hair color. She spoke to me kindly and softly her breath smelled like fresh mint I was astounded. Frank: "Yyyoouu What are you doing here I heard from Neur you was seeking me.

If it's under my power and will to do so I will aid you. You humans and your inventions to destroy our homeworld and natural habitat. Tell me what makes you think I'm going to help You? I didn't come to fight but if i must we can clash but I would rather we handle the situation like 2 Grown up adults here well you for one am sure have lived thousands of years now but hey But if it's a curse I shall take it and renew your power by some.

So either way it's safe go ahead kiddo I know you want those lips. Get em" I just nod. Then wow I kiss the Godess and it's by far the most romantic thing that's ever happened to me in my 25 yrs of living. I felt a holy power showering over me then the power of the Dark was immediately removed. Then all the sudden she makes a beautiful hymn comes out of her mouth and a fairy about 3ft tall with 6 wings flying in mid air hands Nabyah a gorgeous engraved Vail of blood.

I leave the area as soon as she hands me the vial of blood. I get about 50 ft away from the area and the power of Darkness consumes me I transform to a Giant Bat and head back to Aziel. In the Castle am greeted with pleasure and I hand him the vial of Goddesses blood. There and then he drinks the elixir of blood and before my very eyes he regains his youth and full power. Then there stands 5'7 Sharp look young man about 20 to 21 years of age.

He disappears and reappears behind me tapping me on the shoulder. Aziel: "Frank I am in complete debt with you for only and even though we do not agree nor do I love him any but thanks the Lord Ahhh it feels amazing. INow what do you desire my mortal friend? I think deeply Having been trained in the field of magic this young witch is been taken under Bethilda's wing. Follow me to the pond of Greater Enchantment. Adrianna: So I heard you became the High Dark Empress years ago.

Bethilda: Yes that is true I been a Witch for the past years or so. I survived the middle ages the dark ages and the years of enlightenment. It's something I been willing to be all my life for I meet the man who carries my heart a young man known as The Count Of the Night. We fell in love and I bore 3 of his children who so I have heard inherited the gift of becoming a vampire and they inevitably became vampires, more like the 3 princes of the night.

Vladimir my first born Aziel my middle child and Uriel the youngest of the three. I been on the quest of finding Jesus Tears a small opaque flower the color of silver to complete my spell and relinquish Vladimirs soul to the mortal realm fit it into a red diamond and transfer it's soul essence into a freshly dead human body.

With that he will come back to the World of the living and redeem himself and take revenge on the Order. Adrianna: I will help you. I will find this flower you'll see. So then they practiced spells from there on out. Frank communicates telepathically to Aziel. Frank: I think someone is onto us Aziel guard the Castle it might be the Order. Aziel: already got it covered buddy.

Then Frank feels a very strong power slowly emanating from the Southeast part of the Forest Of Whispers. Frank transforms to a bat and heads there. As he gets there the small village of Chalekathan He who has been destroyed there stood a mysterious figure in the middle of the havok a mysterious strong power could be felt from him. I got here too late someone had destroyed the village before I gdot here.

Frank: Right Why should I trust you? Navarro: Young friend I do not desire battle but if it's necessary I will satiate your thirst for battle Navarro Summons his staff and says some words and a Huge Nightmarish Creature that looks like a dog with a fog of Darkness surrounds the Creature. Frank summons the power of Darkness and since its a. There Frank stood looking at Navarro in the eyes and him looking at Frank with perspicacy. All the sudden a trembling can be felt and a Huge Cyclop comes out of the Wilderness. Mysterious Cyclop: Hold one moment Frank: Woah a Cyclop what how did you get here?

Frank loses his fighting stance and so does Navarro She is known to have rested A. Naya M. Element who was born A. Now me and Navarro follow Jhino to the Village. We go thru extensive difficult paths that leave me tired for an excruciating 5 hrs of walking.

Finally arrive at the village Gromm: My stance stands I am here to protect my people from the evil that has left this village recked record in the past years. I will NOT allow Bethilda to wreak havoc here no longer. There Me and Navarro and Jhino stand behind the large crowd waiting for the speech to end. The speech finally ends and strong Cyclop insense is burn to allow other high ranking tribe members to know the Elders speech ended.

I have seen your prodigal human who's name is Frank Deltoro Will he be trouble? Or shall I eliminate his presence?

Oracle of the Dog by Vincent Starrett | Rain before Seven by Vincent Starrett | Poetry Magazine

Arianna Mar 9. The Harp. String the harp, O Bard! The red threads of Fate, having fallen to thy hands, Raise the dead in song. Unnamed names become immortal at thy touch, Fragmented voices fill the graveyards with veiled polyphonies Etched between the ridges of fingers deft, Faultless, bounding down the scales Before flying again to their heights. Oracle of the great halls, The words of Muses, gods, and poets alike Fall on ears deafened with wine and revelry, Heedless, though one day they too Shall wail beneath thy fingers.

Ken Pepiton Nov What was McLuhan seeinsayin? Specialism, electro mechanical circuits, moving parts yet move, you see, but when we read we bring our senses inside privacy can become a public mind, if one is connected, in a giving way, taking thought, as the original medium we found message in, thought takes form in words, words take form in things. Blake feared the objective world was being walled in, and all the people screamed, amen. Again Build the wall, from icons demoted to mites of no more weight than a tinker's think, phe-nomenal noment-ation, if we may Hot and cool both bubbled up as burps, perhaps from the babes booming through the lies told before the great war.

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No future? You allow that thought in your culture? And shame and blame? No wonder you choose to lie. Bear with me a while, share my load, it's light. There is a hopeful object, we can go easy into that good night, the world is round. Free from Ra and Isis and all, in one fell sweep of the besom.

Privacy is calling for walls from the fenced in time after Bonanza. Ah, too late, ours is an all new world of all at onceness, a global village, happening simultaneous. Nineteenth century student could believe the factory system would use the knowledge, hard-won from books and chalkboards, to keep him outa the mine. Now, the information age, are we the leisure class? Ever learning, never knowing everything, but knowing walls and wars do not perform as advertised. The safety car, that was one with seat belts, Our body percept, it changes, this image of which you are un aware.

The disconnected minded man, alienated artist living edgewise to cattywompus. My life is my art, eh, not the other way. Global village information age McLuhan named these things from Canada. More expert than my teacher, Pop art is not a pun, it was a bubble, that's a fact. The-joke-with-no-story-line-conundrums, elephant jokes, blonde jokes Those tests, Turing would approve, any old A. But humans can make funny seem. Humor comes from a world of un happiness and gripes, Jose Jimenez was the example they made.

Racist, right? The guy was a jew. William Szathmary, Googled it. Exactly, any un thought thought goes unsaid, but T-shirts and body art, henna's the best, those send a message with no thought whatsoever. I do it so it feels like hell. I do it so it feels real. I guess you could say I've a call. It's easy enough to do it in a cell.

It's easy enough to do it and stay put. It's the theatrical. Comeback in broad day To the same place, the same face, the same brute Amused shout:. There is a charge. For the eyeing of my scars, there is a charge For the hearing of my heart— It really goes. And there is a charge, a very large charge For a word or a touch Or a bit of blood. Or a piece of my hair or my clothes.

Apollo and the Oracle of Delphi

So, so, Herr Doktor. So, Herr Enemy. I am your opus, I am your valuable, The pure gold baby. That melts to a shriek. I turn and burn. Do not think I underestimate your great concern.

The Poetry Oracle

Ash, ash— You poke and stir. Flesh, bone, there is nothing there A cake of soap, A wedding ring, A gold filling. Out of the ash I rise with my red hair And I eat men like air. Materials for Teachers Materials for Teachers Home. Poems for Kids. Poems for Teens. Lesson Plans. Teach this Poem. Poetry Near You. Academy of American Poets. National Poetry Month. American Poets Magazine. Poems Find and share the perfect poems. Scenes From the Battle of Us You are like a war novel, entirely lacking female characters, except for an occasional letter that makes one of the men cry.

You can play the tourniquet. A tree with white limbs will grow here someday.

What the Oracle Said

The reason why women dislike war movies may have something to do with why men hate romantic comedies: they are both about war. When the mail bag drops from the sky and lands heavy on the jungle floor, its letters are prepared to swim away with your tears. One letter reads: I can barely feel furtive. The other: I am diminishing.

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Cate Marvin A Windmill Makes A Statement You think I like to stand all day, all night, all any kind of light, to be subject only to wind? You are right. If seasons undo me, you are my season. And you are the light making off with its reflection as my stainless steel fins spin. On lawns, on lawns we stand, we windmills make a statement. We turn air, churn air, turning always on waiting for your season. There is no lover more lover than the air. You care, you care as you twist my arms round, till my songs become popsicle and I wing out radiants of light all across suburban lawns.

You are right, the churning is for you, for you are right, no one but you I spin for all night, all day, restless for your sight to pass across the lawn, tease grasses, because I so like how you lay above me, how I hovered beneath you, and we learned some other way to say: There you are. You strip the cut, splice it to strips, you mill the wind, you scissor the air into ecstasy until all lawns shimmer with your bluest energy. Lying My Head Off Here's my head, in a dank corner of the yard.

I lied it off and so off it rolled. It wasn't unbelieving that caused it to drop off my neck and loll down a slope. Perhaps it had a mind of its own, wanted to leave me for a little while. Or it was scared and detached itself from the stalk of my neck as a lizard's tail will desert its body in fright of being caught.

The fact is, I never lied. The fact is, I always lied. Before us, we have two mirrors. At times, they say, one must lie in order to survive. I drove by the house, passed it several times, pretending it was not my own. Its windows were red with curtains and the honeyed light cast on the porch did not succeed in luring me back inside.

I never lied. I drove by the house, suckling the thought of other lovers like a lozenge. I was pale as a papery birch. I was pure as a brand new pair of underwear. It will be a long while before I touch another. Yet, I always lied, an oil slick on my tongue. I used to think that I was wrong, could not tell the truth for what it was. Yet, one cannot take a lawsuit out on oneself. I would have sworn in court that I believed myself and then felt guilty a long time after. I hated the house and I hated myself. The house fattened with books, made me grow to hate books, when all the while it was only books that never claimed to tell the truth.

I hated him and I hated his room, within which his cloud of smoke heaved. I disappeared up narrow stairs, slipped quick beneath the covers. My stomach hurts, I told him, I was tired. I grew my dreams thick through hot nights: dear, flickering flowers.