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General Comment This is a great song, I believe it was kind of personal for him as well. General Comment This song, I think, talks about looking back and seeing where you went wrong. I feel we all do that I agree with Zacster I think that Kenny put a lot of him personally into this song.

General Comment I just dig this song because he talks in it.

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General Comment I also regret things I've done in the past, but I'm not sure that if I had made no mistakes I'd be the person I'm today. That's a reason why people say they won't change a thing - because they need to make the mistakes themselves.

I do at least, I never get the point when somebody warns me. I've to experience it myself before it makes an impression on me.

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General Comment sure theres "alot things i'd done differnt" if i had a chance General Comment I agree with americaneaglechick there isn't one person who doesn't regret and if they say that they don't their lieing through there teeth! General Comment I like this song because I can relate to it and I draw from my own experiences when I hear it. It seems like Kenny isn't just toying with the idea of changing things if he could, he literally wishes he could. He doesn't explain why that is.

Done a lot of things different-Kenny Chesney. by Mrchrism60

That implies he feels he would have enjoyed life more had he done things differently. For myself, I just think it's an interesting concept to reflect the past and wonder how much different lifewould really be if you had second chances. Meu perfil Enviar letra Mensagens Editar Sair.

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Now that resulted in a tough coach-parent conference. Eric by the way became a demolitions expert in the U. Army and served eight years including two tours of duty in Iraq. Some weenie huh?


This list could go on and on, and I am sure most of you would have no problem making up of your own list of the things that you would have done different. However, most art…and artists, do push the envelope a little with their sculptures, lyrics, paintings, etc.

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You have probably heard it. The song begins with a man who is a years old talking about his life, and how fast those years have gone by. As we look back on our lives and our relationships, most of us would change a few things if we could.